About Wounded

Wounded is a first person horror survival game.
You control Tim, an estranged father desperately trying to find his lost daughter, Lisa. His journey is tough and upmost challenging, through a world filled with paranoia, fear, anxiety and terror around every corner!

Progressing through the nightmarish world of “Wounded”, you will uncover this world’s dark secrets and experience deep fears such as Nyctophobia (fear of the dark), Decidophobia (fear of making decisions), Claustrophobia (fear of confined spaces), Autophobia (fear of being alone), Necrophobia (fear of death), etc. Walking in the shoes of Tim, you are armed with your own wits and will to find your daughter. Every step counts. It can either lead you to your daughter or it can lead to certain death.

Follow your instincts and conquer your own fears, collect evidence, solve puzzles and learn more about the surroundings as you go.

Swift moves, reflexes, and stealth are your weapons of choice to insure your survival and to maximize the chances of finding your daughter… Alive.


Wounded started as an idea for a 10 minute game with a few jumpscares on the way, exclusively for our close friends to play. Watching their reactions inspired us to start adding levels and layers to the story.

After three years later, it grew so much up to this point mainly because of our passion for gaming and ultimately, game development. Although an Indiegogo and a Kickstarter campaign failed, we had numerous positive comments from the community online and more than 20 million views on YouTube videos of Wounded demo gameplay.

Realizing that everything was up to us, we took on this challenge and brought it to the next level perfecting the game, creating a whole universe, making the first demo look obsolete.

This game was made with absolutely zero budget/funding. The amount of love, passion, time and dedication from the Workbench Entertainment team can’t be measured in numbers.

Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: Workbench Entertainment
Publisher: Workbench Entertainment
Release Date:28 Feb, 2019

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