WORDER is a puzzle-platformer game. The shape of the character will change according to what alphabets letter the player press on the keyboard. Player need to make good use of the shape to solve puzzle and find the “comma” energy. It is full of possibility in WORDER, the puzzles have unlimited solution.

The mother planet is drain and WORDERs are going on a Journey to find some new energy for the planet. Make good use of the features of WORDERs on the journey, transform into any Alphabets Letters to get pass any blocks that in front of WORDERs.

  • It’s time for a BIG Journey!
  • Solve the puzzle
  • Find the right “KEY”
  • Collect the energy
  • Explore the new planet

Also, WORDER consistence of a muiltplayer-mode, youi can explore the world of WORDER with your friends. It will be release in the future version, so stay tune!

Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie
Developer: WORDER Team
Publisher: B&L Studio
Release Date: Coming in 2019

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