Winners Tencent GWB game awards

Tencent GWB recently did game awards and we are happy to show the winners on their request. To give the winners a maximum boost, we agreed to post the results on PlayingIndies.

Best Puzzle Game – In the Shadows

A wonderful puzzle game developed by PlayBae (@Playbae235 on twitter). In this game, you manipulate the shadows that objects cast to create platforms for your character to run and jump across. A simple idea with wonderful execution, the game is also surprisingly flexible, as most puzzles don’t have a single set solution.

Best Action Game – Profane

Profane is a game where your time limit and your health bar are one and the same. A colorful and energetic boss rush Bullet Hell developed by OverPowered Team (@OP_Team_) which takes a single concept and executes it beautifully.

Best Multiplayer Game – Total Lockdown

A battle royale set in a tower block, the game uses verticality greatly, as enemies come from both below and above. Total Lockdown also makes use of a dystopian setting, as all players are in fact competitors on a Hunger Games-style gameshow. Developed by Studio Panzar, the best way to follow updates for this game would be on their website.

Best Shooter – SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising

A rogue-lite shooter that manages to subvert the expectations of the genre. Despite the perspective leading people to believe it’ll be a straight-up gunfight, the game requires a tactical and mechanical approach not normally seen in the genre, featuring techniques such as Manual reloads and headshots. Follow the team for more updates (@FlowFireGames).

Best Survival Game – Borotrauma

A dark, oppressive, and creepy hardcore survival game which combines the ship-management induced stress of a game like FTL with submerged monstrosities and ever-present danger. You manage a submarine crew while you explore the dangerous and inhospitable oceans of Europa. Made by Undertow Games (@UndertowGames).

Best Strategy Game – Eximius: Seize the Frontline

A strategy game controlled from both a top-down RTS perspective and an FPS perspective. Players can watch over a battle and plan their point of attack, before zooming down to jump into the fray and turn the tide of battle. Developed by Ammobox Studios (@ammoboxstudios).

Best Visuals – Spellbreak

Spellbreak is a Battle Royale that manages to deviate strongly from genre conventions. Instead of guns and looting, Spellbreak puts you in the role of a powerful magic user, letting you fly around the battlefield at high speed and fling spells at your opponents. It also might be one of the most clip-able games I’ve ever seen. In screenshots, it looks great, but in motion it is stunning. Twitter page (@playspellbreak) Dev page (@proletariat_inc)

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