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The golf game for people that hate golf. What the Golf is a silly physics-based puzzle game. Developed and published by Triband. Guaranteed to not make you a better golfer. Currently released on Epic Games Store, Steam release is still pending.


I’m not sure there is a story per se. But there is definitely something going on in What the Golf. After a few short and hilarious opening levels, you hit your ball into a pipe. Ball travels through the pipe and into the golf lab. But the computer reveals the shocking news…The golf lab is closed! Now Ball must travel through various experiments reopening golf lab.

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Triband has created one of the silliest and most fun golf games I’ve ever played. The basics are simple, you aim and set your power then swing. The goal is the hole…most of the time. With just these elements Triband would have created a solidly fun golf/mini-golf game. But they didn’t stop there. Each level is its own thing with its own rules. For instance, sometimes your ball will be sticky and hang on to walls. Other times your ball will bounce. Sometimes your ball won’t even be a ball. You’ll use everything from the club, to a person, to the hole itself, to a house and even a horse. It is wild and wacky and you never know what the next level will bring.

Each experiment has 3 alternative versions. The first version will generally be a strokeless challenge where it doesn’t matter how long it takes as long as you get to the goal. The next two challenges though will have different rules such as changing your ball type, giving you a stroke limit or even adding additional balls. The challenges can feel so different that it’s like playing a whole different level, although the layout of the level remains each time. Beating all 3 challenges on any experiment will award you with a crown. Collecting the crowns unlocks trophies and bragging rights. But for me, the real reason to play through all 3 challenges is that they are so well made and fun.

Later in the game, you will also have boss fights. That’s right boss fights in a golf game.


Adorably minimalistic. What the golf has a few art styles depending on the level, some are 2D with no real detail. Others are rendered in 3D with polygonal characters and objects. Regardless of the number of dimensions though, everything is bright and fun. Relaxing backgrounds, animals, cars, houses. What The Golf is jam-packed with all sorts of cute stuff. I particularly enjoy the smiley computer man that leads you on your journey.


From the thwack of the normal ball to the squish of the sticky ball the sound effects in What the Golf are fun and fit well.

The music in the game is again quite relaxing with a lot of funny voices adding an acapella twist that I found enjoyable.


Although I may not have had as much to say about it as I have other games. What the Golf is quite possibly the best golf game I have ever played, and I’m a fan of the genre. The sense of humour, the gameplay, the relaxing art and music. Every aspect of What the Golf is perfect to a tee. It’s an addictive game that is best played for yourself as a lot of the game comes off better when you play it than it does to just hear about it. For instance the first experiment in the game you actually control the hole and your goal is a giant hole shaped like a one. With no stroke limit on this hole, it becomes the only time I can think of when I got a hole in one in three.

The creativity on offer is mind-blowing, there are so many different levels and still a ton more I haven’t seen yet. What the Golf is one of the most fun games I have played in a while and even when it’s hard and frustrating it’s still somehow fun and relaxing. Triband should be proud of what they have created.

Rating: 10/10 – A real hole in one whether you like golf or not.

Title: What the Golf
Genre: Golf, Physics puzzle
Developer:  Triband
Publisher: Triband
Release Date: 2 Oct 2019

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