Volcan Defend the Tower

A solo development and the first game of Processor Game Studios presents “VOLCAN defend the Tower”. A third person shooter on an open world sci-fi game, play as Sollum to defend your Volcan Towers against your enemies while exploring a planet earth with nature restored due to years of humanity’s absence. But this restoration of nature brought surprises, the irrational alien race Ganthar has spread to the planet infecting a deadly gas harmful to humans… Using Unreal Engine 4 the game features realistic graphics in a gigantic open world with hours of exploration and wild combat. Find, activate and use all your firepower to defend the Volcan Towers, you are the last hope of the Vanguard.


Earth was left behind due to many human actions that eventually exhausted all-natural resources. Thousands of years later, Humanity returned to its home planet to colonize it. The Vanguard was called by Humanity’s commanders to start a colonization mission. You play as Sollum, one of the Vanguard soldiers, who eventually woke from a cryogenic sleep without memories of what happened during the colonization process. Your objectives are simple: defend the Volcan Towers, survive the Ganthar sieges to your base, and recall your past events by exploring the dangerous Waipoua forest.

Gameplay Features

• A gigantic open world free to be explored with hundreds of enemies and items;
• Upgrade system of character and turrets with more than 30 different abilities;
• Turrets system with 4 powerful single weapons;
• Primary and secondary weapons that can be equipped at the same time by the player;
• Mighty Attack melee;
• Teleport system with check point that makes you explore the world and return to the tower or point that was instantly without wasting time;
• Dozens of enemies with different types of behavior;
• Hordes of enemies constantly attacking Volcan Tower;
• Mission system indicate the next steps for the player;
• Each Act has its own gigantic and monstrous chief;
• See in real time the progress of cleaning the environment by the Volcan Tower purification system;

Additional Features

• Autosave;
• High End Graphics and sound system;
• Voice Log System.
• Day Night Cycle;

Title: Volcan Defend the Tower
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, Strategy, Early Access
Developer: Processor Game Studio
Publisher: Processor Game Studio
Release Date: 14 Nov, 2018

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