Upcoming: PlayingIndies Magazine

Official announcement: PlayingIndies is officially working on an Indie Game themed magazine. PlayingIndies Magazine will be released in about four months and contain videogames released in 2020 or (releasing) in 2021.


So why would we do that? Why would we release a video game magazine in 2021? I am a subscriber to a few Dutch video game magazines, and I noticed how little indie games are covered in the existing magazines. And even online, I saw a similar theme for international magazines.

Right now, the big magazines cover the game with the best marketing and public relations team. While smaller developers get left out even though a lot of times they make similar or better games. I believe it’s about time some websites and magazines pick them up too.


As I am learning Media Design for future job opportunities, I’m also learning how to visually design a magazine. When I initially came up with this idea, I shared it on Twitter. Then there was the next problem to tackle, how was I going to do this alone? I couldn’t. So, I found six indie game enthusiasts to help me get this project going!

Together we hope to cover about 100 indie games. Some will be in written interviews, reviews, features, stories. We expect to work on this project for a period of three months.

How many?

Depending on how well people receive the magazine, we will decide if there will be a part two. If it proves to be well received within the goals we have set, we will seriously consider making this magazine periodic, like every three or four months.


The magazine will be free of charge and downloadable as a PDF. In other words, it will be completely free for now. If people receive our first magazine well, we would like to make more in the future. And if we’re lucky enough to have that opportunity, we would like to move over to paper magazines. Then the price of the magazine will depend on costs like printing, shipping, and taxes.

Dear Indie Developers, This is the part where you come in!

PlayingIndies Magazine is currently a non-profit project. It would be tough for me to buy 100 or more games for the team to review. This means we need more games to cover. So are you an indie game developer, and you want your game to appear in the first PlayingIndies magazine?

Send us an e-mail and we can discuss what type of article we can make for your game!

For Advertisers

Do you want your product advertised in the magazine? Well, you’re in luck! Just send us an e-mail and we can have a meeting about the details.

In case of advertisers, all income will be evenly spread over the team.

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