Transmogrify is a sci-fi platformer where you turn enemies into objects and use them to solve puzzles.

Transmogrify’s gameplay is a blend of solving puzzles, platforming action, and exploring an immersive facility. Each enemy turns into a different object with their own purposes. You may need a block to hold down a button to open a door or reach a small ledge. In another case, you might want to find an enemy to turn into a one-way platform to traverse a big horizontal gap. A different puzzle will require you find a spring in order to bounce your way up to a high vertical area.

We also added teleporters, buttons, switches, doors, moving platforms, lasers, jump lifts and the kitchen sink to the mix. They all interact to create combinations that build on each other which keeps the gameplay fresh and complex. We reward creativity and give the player multiple ways to solve puzzles. We also created bite-sized levels and there is a scoreboard at the end with stats to track how you did to create a fun, short, gameplay loop. You can replay the levels you want to beat your high score or explore and collect hidden items.

Transmogrify will appeal to gamers that like platformers, puzzles, some story-telling, and elements of sci-fi and horror.

Title: Transmogrify
Genre: Action, Indie, Strategy
Developer: Odyssey Entertainment
Publisher: Odyssey Entertainment
Release Date: Fall 2019

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