Timothy and the Tower of mu

Timothy and the Tower of Mu

Timothy and the tower of Mu

Today I had the honor to talk to Simone (Lord Macbeth) about a videogame he has in development currently at Kibou Entertainment. This game is Timothy and the Tower of Mu. This interview is fully recorded for Youtube (further in this article) and could be fun to watch for everybody that enjoys indie games.

Kibou Entertainment has the will to release a series of four Timothy games where he goes on different adventures in different styles. Like Evoland they are moving from older styles to newer styles. Only where Evoland does this in each game, the Timothy games Kibou Entertainment are developing will make the jump to a ‘more modern style’ per game.

Currently, Kibou entertainment has a four-man team and hire two freelancers on a regular basis. Simone himself is responsible for the lead design, game design, level design, story writing, and chiptune SFXs. Dave does artwork design, additional pixel art, and 2d hand-drawn assets. Andrea is responsible for pixel art and animation and Fran├žois handles the music department. Simone’s girlfriend, Antonella helps with marketing and keeping track of e-mails and other ways to contact.

The interview with Kibou Entertainment

This is the video me and Simone recorded together. In the background you can see some gameplay of the upcoming indie game: Timothy and the Tower of Mu. Sorry for the wobbly start in the video, it had been a year since the last one.

If you have more questions for PlayingIndies or Kibou Entertainment, please leave a comment on Youtube.

Timothy and the Mysterious Forest

Timothy and the Mysterious Forest were released on September 25, 2019 on Steam. Later in 2020, the game will also release in Japan. Japan has an audience Kibou Entertainment is extra interested in. The name Kibou comes from the Japanese language as well and means ‘hope’.

Timothy and the Mysterious Forest is mostly an ‘old-school’ game with modern influences. The graphics are inspired by classics like the Nintendo Gameboy. This game creates a mix of adventure and exploration. But watch out, it’s quite difficult.

Timothy and the Tower of Mu

And the star of the day is Timothy and the Tower of Mu. The sequel to Timothy and the Mysterious forest and a generational upgrade. In this new game, we see more advanced pixel art and more different colors. It’s no longer Gameboy level but leveled up to full Super Nintendo.

The DEMO for Timothy and the Tower of Mu was created in about one month of development and was used to enter a competition. This competition lets multiple game developers that are using Pixel Game Maker MV as their engine. High prizes are involved and the first prize is as high as about 9000 euros, which would help Kibou Entertainment a big boost in their jump to success.

Just like Timothy and the Mysterious forest, this new game will be quite difficult. Even hardcore gamers with years of gaming experience might find themselves having a hard time. Timothy is a child, and for that, easy to kill for his enemies.

Timothy and the Mysterious Forest – On Steam
Timothy and the Tower of Mu (DEMO) – On Itch.io

Pixel Game Maker MV competition Kibou Entertainment participated in

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