The best of #MadeWithUnity August 23, 2019

A very popular Twitter hashtag for game developers that use Unity is #MadeWithUnity. There are alternatives like #Unity2D for 2D games and #Unity3D for 3D games. But, this article only shows #MadeWithUnity.

Projct AETHER: First contact

This twin-stick shooter was also mentioned in my “Best of #IndieGame” i posted earlier this week. But this video stood out and sometimes, games can appear in multiple lists.

Necronator: Dead Wrong

Collect and deploy undead units Use deck-building elements and conquer the insufferable goody-two-shoes of the Livmor Alliance.

In the middle of zombies

We can also find In the Middle of Zombies on the “Best of #IndieGame” posted earlier this week. But this isometric action game looks good. And is Made with Unity. Which are the criteria for this list.

Infinite Skyline: Superflight

Infinite Skyline is a flying simulator game. You’ll be flying through checkpoints. The city has over 50 checkpoints and other secrets to be found. Infinite Skyline is scheduled to release on September 4, 2019.


Dobbey is working on Insane and is looking to fund this game on Kickstarter. I don’t really see the insane part yet, but what i can see is looking really good. Very much Limbo and Inside vibes.

River Legends

River Legends is an upcoming indie adventure in the great outdoors.  River Legends is scheduled to release on August 27, 2019. That is really soon.


Altered Matter took the effort to show what years of improvement did for their game Etherborn. Etherborn is a enviromental puzzle platformer that expects you to understand gravity-shifting structures.


Managing a park with dinosaurs, that is what Parkasaurus is. Washbear managed to make Parkasaurus really colorful and that makes this game a bit more unique if we look at other “zoo tycoon” games. Even fellow Dinosaur park game Jurassic World Evolution.

Founders’ Fortune

It has been a month since Founders’ Fortune was released in Early Access on Steam. This colony building simulator wants the player to be creative and defensive. And it looks good too.

Neon Tail

To be honest, I was in doubt if i should include Neon Tail in this list. This is because of the way the main character is dressed. I didn’t want to include sexual content. But after looking at more screenshots it turned out to be not that bad. And so here it is. Neon Tail is a roller skating game where you will save the streets from dimensional disaster.


Beacon is a rogue-lite game that released for Early Access on Steam in February 2019. Kill enemies, collect loot, die and start over.

Tiny Tomb

Tiny Tomb is a roguelike adventure game coming to iOS and Android later 2019. The voxelart is pretty cute and I’d love to see more of this.

Anzen Echoes of War

Anzen is a mobile ARPG with in-depth storytelling and unlimited replayability. In Anzen you will learn the truth behind lost myths and old legends.


Warlander is a third-person action-adventure game that includes tactical swordplay. Warlander is scheduled to release early 2020 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Super Cable Boy

Super Cable Boy can throw around his cable and move with it like it is a grappling hook. Having to keep your battery up to be able to move is what sets the challenge in this game. There is a prototype on


#MadeWithUnity is not the largest Twitter hashtag for indie game developers, so that explains why this list isn’t that long. However, with Unity promoting that they love seeing #MadeWithUnity tweets on Friday’s and often retweeting them, i would recommend every Unity developer to tweet something out every Friday using the #MadeWithUnity hashtag.

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