The best of #IndieDevHour – September 4, 2019

After we posted the first “Best of #IndieDevHour” last week we got some nice feedback. So here we are with part 2: The best of #IndieDevHour – September 4, 2019.

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Endless Memories

Endless Memories is an action platformer RPG in development at Homuculus Games, who are two brothers that have been creating games since they were kids.

Morose’s Delay

Morose’s Delay is a turn based tactics, but realtime apocalyptic game. If we look at Nicolas Schoner’s profile a bit more, we see that Morose’s Delay could become a fun and beautiful game.


Okay, I almost got a seizure when I saw Spinch today. But it’s something i had not seen before so I had to include it. Spinch is being developed by Queen Bee Games.

The Lost Forest

The Lost Forest is a game about painful memories, and the power to move on. The Lost Forest is in development at CriticalFailure Studio.

Grand Guilds

Grand Guilds is a story driven, tactical RPG with unique card combat mechanics. Grand Guilds is being developed by Drix Studios.

Droid Invaders

Droid Invaders is a tower defense strategy game where your mission is to stop revolting droids from reaching your energy sources. Droid Invaders is in development at Subdivision and is scheduled to release in november for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


DoomBlade is a metroidvania game in development with Murostudios, Kim Valori and Juha Ylimaki. I can’t find much more information but it’s looking good.


In Exospecies you can build your own alien militia. A simultaneous turn-based strategy game. Exospecies is developed by Inductor Studio and available in the App store.

Critter Cove

Critter Cove is a game where you set sail in the high seas with a crew of quirky critter companions. This game is in development with Gentleman Rat Studio and this week they showed a new custom character option.

Terraforming Earth

In Terraforming Earth you control three quirky robots stuck on a desolate Earth. It’s your job to make them work together to overcome randomly generated obstacles. This roguelite puzzle platformer is in development at Lost Robots and scheduled for Early Access in october.

Justin Wack and the Big Time Hack

Justin Wack and the Big Time Hack is an adventure game about characters out of their element, love gone awry, and the agents sniffing around for unauthorized time travelers. This game is in development at Warm Kitten.

Hokko Life

Finding information about Hokko Life is hard, there is a dev blog but it doesn’t really tell us what Hokko Life is. But this 3D game looks fun and Wonderscope has done well.

The Treehouse Man

The Treehouse Man is a action adventure strategy RPG game in 2D in development at Hunchback Studio.


Dominance is a brand new hero based top-down multiplayer shooter. They showed off this character today and it looks great.


Hojiya is a adventure platformer with a coastal fantasy world in development at New Abstraction and Raimundo Rivera and Aka-P and they use the Game Maker engine.


Bloodroots, a game where the world is your weapon. The player is expected to improvise and adapt to an ever changing ballet of ultraviolence, in a bloody revenge quest across the Weird West. Bloodroots is being developed by Paper Cult.

Star Renegades

Star Renegades is a tactical squad-based roguelite RPG in development at Massive Damage and published by Rawfury.


This is my “Best of #IndieDevHour – September 4, 2019” – Hope you enjoyed this list. For this list I tried to add a bunch of games that were not in previous lists and besides a few, I think it worked out.

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