The best of #IndieDevHour – October 2, 2019

This week’s #IndieDevHour has passed and I made a selection of some of the best indie games I saw this week. Just like the best of #ScreenshotSaturday, it’s impossible to include everyone with a good game, but there will be more weeks with “Best of” articles where those games could appear.


DoomBlade is a Metroidvania game in development at Muro Studios, just like their tweet says. I have to praise Muro Studios for noting in their tweet what this game is, but it would be easier to read if they would have left some space between the text and hashtags. Yet the video shows a fun-looking indie game I wanted to show in this list.

for Cats and Dogs


Roadwarden is an illustrated text-based RPG in which the player can explore and change a hostile, grim realm in development at Moral Anxiety Studio. They did some updates on the design of watchtowers in the game so that the player can look inside.

Forgotten Sea

Forgotten Sea is a brand new, seafaring, narrative adventure game. While out at sea the player finds a bottle containing a mysterious numbered message, alluding some distant traveler on a harrowing voyage. Forgotten Sea is in development at Beta Jester.

Heal Plz

Heal Plz is a game where the player is a healer that can heal, buff and dispell AI-controlled party members while battling deadly enemies. Heal Plz is in development at Dev Plz.

Children of the Eclipse

I can’t deny that Nutfarm did the tweet really well. I didn’t need to search for a link to find out what Children of the Eclipse is and it’s very clear what the game is. If you had not noticed in the tweet yet, it’s a action-adventure top-down shooter set in a unique far future utopian sci-fi world teeming with life.


Deadhunters is a cooperative rogue playing game where you choose your hero, embark on missions and make decisions together. Loot, level up and die a lot. Deadhunters is in development at Profondium Games.


This week must be my lucky week, again a tweet that contains all the information! This is Chop, a 2D party game with tons of gore and fast-paced action. Make swords fly, chop bodies to pieces and according to Claws Up Games, Chop might end some friendships.


WarriOrb is a 2D action-adventure sidescroller that is made for gamers that prefer a challenge. The player will be a ball-shaped demon and his goal is to regain his freedom. WarriOrb is in development at ‘Not Yet’.


Vecter is an obstacle-avoiding racer game in development at Taranasus which is a hobby game developer. Vecter is on some parts simple, yet it looks fun and has a lot of colors.

Lost in Sky: Violent Seed

Lost in Sky: Violent Seed is an atmospheric action-platformer set in a retro sci-fi style game. The game consists of puzzle-solving, breaking through spaceships filled with horrible mutants and challenging bosses.

Cathedral 3-D

Cathedral 3-D is a fast-paced, single-player FPS inspired by early 3D shooters of the nineties. The player becomes a terrifying monster who tries to protect its lair from incoming waves of human enemies. Cathedral 3-D is in development at Unfinished Games. Let’s hope they do finish this one.

Lemnis Gate

Lemnis Gate presents a revolutionary new way to play an FPS with its unique time travel gameplay mechanics. Spanned over multiple rounds, players take turns altering the future in this strategic turn-based mind-bending experience. Lemnis Gate is in development at Ratloop Games Canada.


Avernus is an atmospheric action-adventure game set in an ancient, mysterious tomb of a dead God. Avernus is in development at Subsolar Entertainment.


Transmogrify is a sci-fi platformer where the player turns enemies into objects to use them for puzzle-solving. Transmogrify is in development at Odyssey Entertainment.

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