The best of #IndieDevHour – August 28, 2019

Just like last week, I made a list of the best games tweeted in the #IndieDevHour hashtag this Wednesday. Keep in mind that I can’t include every good looking game I see, so a game you liked may not be included this time.

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for Cats and Dogs

FxF Yuri

Tutty the Fruity posted FxF yuri this week with these visual novel monster girls. Besides this I can’t find much about this game. But it’s looking good and I think that people that like visual novels would enjoy this.

Try before you die

Try before you die is a platformer action game and labeled as ‘difficult’. P3bbz is posting updates about this game on often. And has already added things like wall-jumps and whip animations. It’s shaping up quite nicely so far.

Flippin Kaktus

Flippin Kaktus is a brutal action-driven platformer adventure game. It’s time to save the world. Flippin Cactus is scheduled to release in 2020. Robocop would be proud of the work Kaktus is doing.


What if you are bacteria and you are lost in the human bloodstream? Brady Soglin’s view on that is displayed in Biorhythm. A Rythm game.

What the Duck

What the Duck by Seize Studios appears to be a 3D adventure game, there isn’t much info available at the moment though. The main character is a duck, not pictured above because he hides in the backpack. Whatever this game is it looks good. Not to be confused with What the Duck an upcoming 2D platformer that is 2 years away. No word on when this game is scheduled.

Bite the Bullet

Bite the Bullet by Mega Cat Studios is an upcoming 2D sidescrolling shoot ’em up. From the looks of things the game will have a warped sense of humour and some difficult gameplay. Mega Cat are also looking for playtesters on their official Discord if you want to try your hand at the game.


Tombtoad by MissionCTRLGame is a very minimalist retro puzzle game. Rather than controlling the character, you control the level. From what I can see here the objective is to try get to the exit, and collect the three coins if possible. Later levels are sure to require a lot of skill to complete.

Justin Wack and the Big Time Hack

Pontus Wittenmark’s upcoming game looks to be a classic point and click adventure. The art style and the humour look to be the game’s biggest selling points. Although the puzzles will hopefully be good too. Either way the current character designs look really good and the animation is fluid.


Retimed is a 2D multiplayer arena shooter with SLOW MOTION. Currently being worked on by Team Maniax, for both Steam and Nintendo Switch. Scheduled for a release sometime this year.

Resonant Blade

Richard Daskas is working on a 2D Action RPG called Resonant Blade, with an interesting sound based mechanic. From the looks of things you’ll need to change the pitch (or resonance) of your blade in order to defeat enemies and solve puzzles.

Cat Lady

Cat Lady by VIZ games is an upcoming dungeon crawler, that looks like a twin stick shooter, although instead of guns and bullets, you use cats and…just cats really. Basically you are the crazy cat lady from The Simpsons, and you fling felines around to destroy your enemies. Not to be confused with The Cat Lady a psychological horror game from 2012.

Alder’s Blood

Alder’s Blood is a turn-based, tactical stealth game for PC & Switch. It has reached its Kickstarter goal and as you see above has even reached the first stretch goal. Pack your bag, reload your gun, and hunt the corrupt God!

Beast Commander

Beast Commander by Dragon Slumber is an upcoming card battle game. Recently redesigning and modernising the look of the cards was a step in the right direction. Beast Commander is starting to look like a real contender for card based battle games.

Heal Plz

Heal Plz is a healer focused dungeon crawling RPG by Dev Plz (I guess they like the term Plz). Set up your team like an old school RPG except you control just the healer and make sure your team is kept healthy to achieve victory. A fun idea I’ve seen in a few games, but it doesn’t need to be 100% unique as long as it’s good. Scheduled for Q1 2020 release.

Attraction Force

Attraction Force is a 2D retro platformer game. I couldn’t find much information about it, but it seems to involve shooting your enemies before you kick them to the curb. Has a classic Mario vibe with a twist.


Despite the GIF looking like a Soulborne game. HammerHelm by SuperSixStudios is a third-person sandbox town building adventure game. It is available in Early Access on Steam already. So you can go questing and build your town with what you gain!


Longtail is an upcoming 3D platformer inspired by the classic PS2 games. Think Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter and even some with only one character like Crash Bandicoot! Longtail already has better graphics than those original PS2 games though and looks like it should be a lot of fun. No release date yet, but it does appear to be releasing for PC and consoles when it does come out.

Deal – Dusk Ends All Light

Currently existing as a 15 minute or so demo/prototype. Deal – Dusk Ends All Light by Synthcoder the full game is scheduled for release some time this year. The art style is the real standout here, taking a lot of deep colors and creating a gothic dreamscape. Reminds me heavily of the color scheme used in Panos Cosmatos film Mandy, which itself felt like a metal album cover brought to life. I couldn’t find a lot of information but what I did find was intriguing.

Demolition Donkey

Summit Limited are developing Demolition Donkey as a “retro barnyard brawler of galactic proportions!” From what I can tell this means a classic style Beat ‘Em Up, like Double Dragon, or looking at the characters on offer (Demolition Donkey, Gatling Goat, and Chainsaw Chicken) maybe more like Battletoads. I couldn’t find a release date as their website just links to their twitter.


Colorful by Hitoshi Kanno looks to be living up to its name. Coming across as sort of a mix of Hack n’ Slash and De Blob. I couldn’t find much information about the game. But this clip looked good enough to include in the list.

Lemnis Gate

Lemnis Gate by Ratloop Canada is a turn based 4 dimensional FPS game. If that sounds confusing to you, I’m not surprised. Basically it’s an FPS which you play in 30 second loops, each new loop is a new character that can alter the past. A weird and interesting concept that seems like it will be a lot of fun. No release date yet but the team say it is coming soon.


Finnish team Subsolar Entertainment are working on Avernus. Which is a top down action RPG. Solve puzzles and upgrade your character, to add new attacks and abilities. Planning to release sometime this year.

LVL 99 Axe Rage

Level 99 AxeRage is a brutal platformer game with an emphasis on difficulty and melee combat. From what I could find it looks like a Metroidvania that leans toward Castlevania for gameplay and Metroid for visuals. Although the artwork still stands by itself. Available in Early Access now.

Treehouse Man

Aleksi Sirviö is the developer of Treehouse Man, although his studio is called Hunchback Studio. And Treehouse Man is a 2D action RPG platformer with elements of bullet hell. The combat in this GIF looked fun and the art style is interesting. Treehouse Man is available now on Steam.


BlueFire is an action adventure game currently in development. Made in Unreal Engine the character design and gameplay in this GIF both look quite good. It’s hard to find any information at the moment but BlueFire looks interesting enough to keep an eye on.


HyperParasite by Troglobyte Games is a neon soaked love letter to the 80’s. It’s also a twin stick shooter roguelike game with a kick ass soundtrack. Fast paced and difficult. Also available now in Early Access on Steam.


Another throwback to the classic 3D platformers. Clive’N’Wrench looks like it has a lot of variety and will be a fun addition to the genre. No release date yet but this seems like another game our writer Chris would love to play.


Not Yet dev’s are working on WarriOrb using the Unreal Engine. WarriOrb is going to be a side scrolling platformer with 3D graphics. You play as a demon in an unlikely host, that of a talking ball with limbs. Release is scheduled for Q1 2020.

From Orbit

Tentcle Head Games debut title From Orbit, is an action exploration game with RTS elements. A passion project 3 years in the making, it has just now been released and looks like a quality title.

Crimson Resonance

Tweetal Studios is a team of two, working on Crimson Resonance which is an upcoming shoot ’em up or shmup. With an interesting art style mostly consisting of strong shadow and eerie lights, it looks very mysterious. No word on release date yet.


Tetraphobia is a Twin stick top down dungeon crawler set on floating islands. With bright colorful graphics and the bullet hell mechanics that come with the twin stick genre, Tetraphobia looks like a neat game. I couldn’t find a release date for this one.

Brock Crocodile

Brock Crocodile is an upcoming pixel platformer, looks to be very heavily inspired by the classics, Mario, Megaman and especially Sonic the Hedgehog. Brock is a fun character and the pixel art and retro music make Brock Crocodile seem like a fun game to keep an eye on. I couldn’t find any release details for this game yet.

Critter Cove

Critter Cove is a cute pirate simulator, and from the looks this post they are working on polishing the game to be as good as it can be at release. Explore the island and the sea to build up the port and your ship. This looks like it will be a fun game when it comes out. I could not find any release information on it yet though.

Journey For Elysium

Mantis Games upcoming Journey For Elysium is a story focused VR game, inspired by Ancient Mythology. With an interesting mostly greyscale art style. Important items seem to really pop out. This game is scheduled for a Q4 2019 release and will require a VR headset to play.

Cranked Up

A bizarre idea, Cranked Up is a game in which you play as an animal donut and try to find your way back to Mr. Mug the living coffee cup (with a moustache). In a world led by a Hawaiian Pizza. BBlack Studio have some strange imaginations, but it seems like a lot of fun. Cranked Up is scheduled for a 2020 release, so you’ll have to practice rolling real donuts into coffee in the meantime.

Those who Remain

Camel 101 are working on a psychological horror game for PC and consoles. Built with Unity it’s already brimming with atmosphere. With a dark and light mechanic that sounds kind of like Alan Wake and an interesting setting that sounds like a Stephen King novel, Those Who Remain has a lot of potential. Scheduled for release this year.


Profondium Games is a two man team working on a co-op dungeon crawler, that gives off some classic Gauntlet Legends vibes. With roguelike and action RPG mechanics, it looks like the year of developing the game is paying off. Scheduled to be released sometime this year.

Bound by Blades

Bound By Blades developed by Zeth, is an action RPG with an interesting battle mechanic. The enemy is in the middle of the screen and your character runs around the edge mainly striking from the four corner points. There are resources to find and items to craft and a fun art style. Bound By Blades has no release date as of yet but is starting a Kickstarter in September to complete the game.


5amGames Letters A Written Adventure, is taking wordplay to the next level, by literally playing with the words. In a unique gameplay mechanic you will be able to pick up and use words to solve puzzles and all sorts of other weird and wonderful uses. The art style is very cute and well done as well. Planned for a 2020 release.


Moral Anxiety Studio’s Roadwarden, continues the tradition of focusing on storytelling over gimmicky mechanics, much like their previous Tales From Windy Meadow, once again this tale is told with detailed pixel art. I wasn’t able to find a release date for this one.

Ninja Chowdown

Dummy Dojo are a team of two working on Ninja Chowdown, a colorful and silly Ninja runner game. From the looks of it your ninja needs to keep eating and running to get from point a to point b. Nice pixel graphics and fun music. I couldn’t see a release date though.

Robot Battle Arena

O.P.Neon Games are making Robot Battle Arena, which seems to take some inspiration visually from the Gundam franchise. The new logo for the game calls it Megabot Battle Arena but I couldn’t find much information on it under either name. From the looks of the buttons it seems to be a mobile game. I could not find any release details either.


Onirism is a game that has been in development for a while now, and it shows. Made with unity, developer Crimson Tales have made a beautiful looking game with a lot of inspiration from classic titles, I noted a strong Ratchet and Clank vibe. Onirism is available now in Early Access on Steam.

Far Away From Home

Far Away From Home is a solo indie developers upcoming Tactical RPG game, in the style of Ogre Tactics or Final Fantasy Tactics (and Advance). The developer seems to care about what fans have to say with this addition of patting the cute dog as a new game mechanic. I couldn’t find a release date for this game.

Super Punch

I couldn’t find much information about the actual game on the developers twitter. He is a solo dev that seems to love indie games and retweeting other developers games. After some digging I found that Boxing Fighter: Super Punch is one of those games where you are in the middle and have to time your attacks to beat up enemies swarming from the other sides. Available to purchase now on Steam.

Always The Same Nightmare

Always the Same Nightmare by DreamVeloper Games is a 2D platformer that reminds me of games like Super Meat Boy. It has an interesting art style and a story about escaping from a demon’s domain. There is a demo available on if you want to check it out.


Dark Gravity games have made RollBaller for mobile. An arcade game styled platformer with realistic physics. The objective is to get the ball safely to the goal as fast as you can. RollBaller has a very minimal art style that seems to work in its advantage. Available now on the google playstore.


This was it for this week, hope you enjoyed the list. Hopefully we will see you back on monday for the best of #ScreenshotSaturday – August 31, 2019.

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