The best of #IndieDevHour August 22, 2019

Every wednesday there is #IndieDevHour on Twitter. A nice moment to see some indie games that are being developed right now. Here are some of the best tweets i saw on august 22, 2019.

Two Strikes

Two strikes is a game i can’t find much information about yet. It seems to be a fighter with a Asian theme where if you hit the opponent with the sword twice, you win the match. That is pretty cool. Based on art style. Concept. And name. This appears to be a sequel to the popular indie hit One Strike.

Far Away From Home

Far Away From Home is a tactical RPG game for PC. After being sucked into a rift, the player ends up in a whole new world. They run into strange creatures and more. A demo for Far Away From Home is on


Berr is a metroidvania with turn-based battles in development by Taku Games. He is a solo game developer and just see what he has achieved.

Purple Noise Echo

Ukioq is working on Purple Noise Echo. Which is a neon atmospheric tactical game. This game is expected for later 2019 on Steam.

Hyper Parasite

HyperParasite is a rogue-lite twin-stick shooter/brawler that keeps on changing troughout the game. So you won’t run the same route every round you play. Also soaked in 80’s Neon nostalgia for those that can’t get enough 80’s.

Beast Commander

Dragon Slumber is working on Beast Commander and announces that he will be at Game Play Space to show off Beast Commander for the first time. He also streams part of the development on Twitch. Beast Commander is a card game with fantastical beasts in epic confrontations.

Brock Crocodile

Brock Crocodile is a pixel platformer in development by four different people. The developers created a website about Brock Crocodile where you can find more.

The Outbreak Story

Bas Makes Games is working on a sidescroller RPG where you have to break out of something. This is a work in progress of a house in The Outbreak Story.


Avernus is an atmospheric action-adventure game set in an ancient, mysterious tomb of a dead god. Avernus is in development at Subsolar Entertainment and is expected to release on Steam later this year.

Weaving Tides

Do you want to ride dragons in a woven world? It’s possible in the magical game named Weaving Tides. And this creature looks pretty cool.


Smintheus is a 2D puzzle adventure game with survival and crafting elements in development from Neuton Mouse. You can find the beta of Smintheus on

Robot Battle Arena

Besides the robots visually fighting and the game being named Robot Battle Arena, I can’t really find what this game is going to be. The mobile layout is very clear and the developers have released mobile games before, so we’re going to assume that Robot Battle Arena will be released on mobile at some point.


Unhatched is a card-swiping mobile game for iOS developed by Filip Loster. You can download it in the Apple Store.

Village Monsters

Village Monsters is an open-ended village life set in the world of a long-forgotten video game. You play as a human living in a community of (mostly) friendly monsters. The demo is available on

Cat Lady

Cat lady is a action adventure game in retro-2D graphics. It’s about a granny that has many cats. So many they gained magical abilities. Granny’s mansion is being haunted and they are going to solve it.


Robi Studios is working on Bluefire. Sadly I can’t find much about it besides this GIF, but it looks good to me. Seems to be a 3rd person action adventure game.

Squishy Sports

Squishy Sports was also featured in my “Best of #ScreenshotSaturday” last week. It looks fun and the style is not something I often see.

Robot Champions

In an attempt to promote their Kickstarter campaign, Prospect Games posted their game Robot Champions on #IndieDevHour this week. And with how this looks, i had to include it.


Metroidvania MindSeize has some people dedicated to sharing on their team, but not in a ridiculous amount. And just like my ‘Best of #IndieGame‘ post from monday, this game got into the list again.

Lost in Sky: Violent Seed

“Lost in Sky” is working on Lost in Sky: Violent Seed. This is common in the indiegame world, situations where the studio and game name match up. And why not? As long as the game still looks good, like this one.

Crystal Companies

Crystal Companies is a tactical card game in development at Boreal Games. Because of how fun it looks to burn things down using cards, i had to include it.

Space Grunts 2

This is a coincidence, but Space Grunts 2 is the third tactical card game on this list. But with it still looking good, i had to include this game by Orangepixel. Space Grunts 2 is scheduled for release in October.


Glass Revolver is working on Itta, a bullet hell action adventure game that is scheduled to release on Steam later in 2019.

Thumb Drive

A top-down character action game where you can stop time. That sounds pretty cool, right? And it looks good too.

Golden Treasure: The Great Green

Golden Treasure has been out on Steam for a bit, but still gets updates. This simulation adventure RPG game looks fun and according to Steam reviews, it’s pretty good.

Rogue Cores

Rogue Cores is a procedurally-generated 2D action-platformer with permanent death. Heavily inspired by The Binding of Isaac and Metroid. I can’t find anything about when the game is scheduled to release, but it will get there.


Wildfire is a puzzle game where you can protect people’s homes from raging forest fires by solving puzzles.

Bite the bullet

Mega Cat Studios tweeted their female protagonist for their game Bite the Bullet. This is a funny action adventure game with pixel art.


These are the best IndieDevHour tweets I could find for Wednesday August 21, 2019. Hope you enjoyed seeing them. Indiedevhour is one of the most fun hashtags for me to follow because I run into games that are still being developed way more often than on ScreenshotSaturday.

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