Review: Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission

The original Dragon Ball Heroes game released on november, 11 2010 on arcades in Japan, was later ported to PC and Nintendo Switch to let the Western world enjoy the game too. In essence it’s a card game, but it’s still nearly nine years old and uses models from the Budokai series, which was released on the PlayStation 2. People have complained about this, but the simple facts show us why the models and characters look like they are from the PlayStation 2 era, they simply are. So I won’t be going into that too much.

The game was given to me by Bandai Namco, thank you guys for letting me review this game.


I have to say that the story is pretty big, it looks like it has been extended over the course of the nine years the basic game has existed to keep players in the Arcade occupied. It also means that it takes a long  time before you see real progress in the story and sometimes it is hard to follow. Also, this game works with the same timeline interrupts we see in Xenoverse 1 and 2. This means that pieces of story don’t always fit in with the anime/manga. Like a SSJ3 Vegeta. Just like in Xenoverse, the goal is to fix the damage so that the timeline goes back to how it should be. Without this gimmick there wouldn’t be much left of this game anyways, since there is only so much story to go on.


There is a massive amount of cards, like, a lot of them, but it’s not always clear what’s the best. Since i watched a lot of Dragon Ball on tv and played a lot of the Dragon Ball games released in the past 5 years, i understand who is strong and who most of the time isn’t. But it would be nice if the cards made this clearer. But it’s made to be some kind of collection, and not something to just play with for once, as with all good card games, cards will various uses so as to avoid everyone stacking their decks with the same sets.


The fights in Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission are pretty long. But you are not really doing anything. You pick a bunch of cards, these are the fighters you play with, you put them in their positions and then it comes down to a slider you just have to get as much points on as possible. More points than the opponent? You either hit better or you take less damage. But still, not really doing anything. This made it so that after a few fights i was generally bored with the system.

Language / sound

The settings and pages say that you can set the game on English. But with the low amount of settings (there isn’t even a setting for resolution on PC) and the English option being more of a gimmick, the game still rolled in Japanese while set on English. Since i don’t understand Japanese, and the game doesn’t always provide subtitles, i had no idea what the voice in the background was trying to say. This was very annoying for me. Just apply the option to set it on English and have it work, or just leave it on Japanese only. I get that takes away part of the audience, but people wont end up buying a game they can’t understand.

Slow (The Curse of Card-Battlers)

The game has a really slow start, it takes a while to understand everything the game has to offer. There is a massive amount of tutorials, which you don’t always really learn from because half of it is in Japanese, before you are left alone to just play.


As noted above, we are really looking at a nine year old game with graphics actually designed for PlayStation 2. This means that the game doesn’t look impressive or extraordinary.  Thing is, graphics don’t always matter and I don’t believe it would have added a lot of value to this game if the graphics were 2018-2019 standards.


You can see i’m not super positive about Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission. This is partly because at some point it simply became boring to me.  All the fights are the same, only with different fighters, but the player does the same thing, over and over and the collection part didn’t correct that for me, at all. But, if you really like card games in general, and you like Dragon Ball like I do, then this is a game you will really enjoy despite the dated technical aspects.

At a full price of 50 euros, I do recommend getting it in a sale if you get it, because selling a ported nine year old game, at this price point, and still not working perfectly, limits in settings and the overlap in the English and Japanese language, your money could be better used.

Rating: 6/10 – Not super bad, but this is not a 2019 worthy videogame.

Genre: Strategy
Developer: Dimps Corporation, SAFARI GAMES Co., Ltd.
Publisher: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
Release Date: 5 Apr, 2019

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