Review: Still not dead

I was given a review copy of “Still not dead” by the developers, and i played the game for a few hours on PC. I used my Xbox One controller to play with. Here is what i think about “Still not dead”

“Still not dead” in general

Still Not Dead is trying to be a mix between DOOM and Nuclear Throne. It’s a roguelite FPS with 2D graphics and a 3D envoirement. The goal is to kill a set amount of enemies and then get to an exit before the big monster eats you.


As stated above, Still Not Dead has a 3D environment with 2D graphics. My first impression was that it looked a bit like Minecraft. However, after playing for a bit, I noticed this is not the case. It comes closer to the old DOOM games in graphics than it does to Minecraft. On the map, there are buildings. But these are not visible on the map. This makes it sometimes difficult to move around, because there might be a wall somewhere and if it is a building, it doesn’t show where the door is, so how to get in or out?

Enemy variety

There is a mix between spiders, skulls, ghosts, flesh eating plants.. Oh well, there is a lot of different enemies. And this might be the best part of the game. Every enemy has his own amount of health and every enemy has his own attack speed and their own attacks which means you need to work out the strategy that works for each one, in the same way that the original DOOM worked.

Sound / Music

The music in ” Still Not Dead ”  is great, i really enjoyed the music while playing it. The other game sounds are very plain. No special sound effects.


While I have to be honest that i’m not a big fan of 2D graphics in a 3D environment, I do like that “Still Not Dead” manages to offer a nice variety of how enemies look and even how good they look. The flying heads are something I’m a big fan of. The graphics of the environment itself aren’t really special, however sometimes there are details like a skeleton up in a tree or even the detail of trees on their own.


Above, i might have been a bit too positive. While the graphics and music are decent, the game has a full price of 10 euros/dollars. The environments are pretty much the same, there is no story and within 2-3 hours you have basically seen everything this game has to offer. Aiming at enemies doesn’t always go really well and there is no guidance for people that play with an xbox one controller. There is full controller support, but i had to find out on my own which buttons to use because the game only shows instructions for keyboard and mouse.

However, during a steam sale with 75% off this game cost 2,50, and for that i can recommend giving it a try.

Price / Quality: Might be overpriced
Rating: 6 – The game looks and sounds good, but the gameplay and content just doesn’t cut it within the pricerange this game has.

PlayingIndies showcase post

Title: Still Not Dead
Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Greg Sergeant
Publisher: Flying Interactive
Release Date: 24 Jan, 2018


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