Review: Moss Destruction

I was given a review copy of Moss Destruction for steam, here is what I think.

Moss Destruction in General

” A fast paced, roguelike, isometric twin stick shooter with procedurally generated, action packed levels. Tackle the hordes of enemies with an armory of guns! Defeat dreadful bosses using handy upgrades for your bio-mech! Unlock new heroes and secret powerups to help your quest!”  – According to the Steam page.

The goal is to to get to the escape point, destroying as many enemies and collecting as much as you can on the way.


Moss Destruction has multiple characters, all though they are closer to class types due to the lack of story, there are 3 in total, Mosses who pilots the mech “The Chicken”…and two others that I couldn’t unlock because it was too hard.

Anyway, Mosses and The Chicken have a circular saw melee attack and a basic single shot laser gun that isn’t very effective (it’s fiddly to aim/hit things and it doesn’t do much damage, even some of the starting enemies take two shots to take down), you can also pick up other weapons if you find them, but as it’s procedurally generated you can bank on finding them, they come in a range of types as well, personally the minigun was the only one I found useful, to be honest I got a lot further when I stopped using the starting gun and just used the melee attack, although I got the furthest with the minigun.


The art style in Moss Destruction is interesting, it’s very low poly so everything has a sort of slightly angular bent toward it, you wander through a sort of maze of brown walls (maybe an alien gorge system?) there are clouds around so you can’t see what is coming up, they clear as you get near them and they look kind of like mashed potatoes, I’m not sure if later levels look different because I never made it passed stage 2, looking at screenshots it doesn’t seem to though.

Enemy Variety

There are a surprising variety of enemies even in the first stages, there are worms that leave goop puddles (probably acid as it seems to burn you), little purple alien guys that look like the Annelids or “Worm Guys” from the Men in Black series, they sort of just run up and try to slap you, and then there are little metal robot things that shoot lasers at you, by far the most annoying because a lot of the time they shoot you as you reveal them so you have to be lucky to dodge them, they also come in upgraded types that take more hits and fire a salvo of lasers, it’s hard to tell them apart so I got caught out a few times thinking they were one and done but they kept firing, there are little satellite robots that don’t attack but they summon the little shooter bots and they take a lot of hits to destroy, they are more likely to drop pickups though, then there are bigger robot guys with shields that you are supposed to melee attack or I guess wait for the shield to go down, if you sit in a level for too long it turns to night and then a bunch of new enemies appear as well, including powerful turrets (how they got installed is anyone’s guess, as they are bolted to the floor in places you’ve already been), there are also other floating bots that come in but not really sure what they do because it’s either run or die at that point.

Sound / Music

The music in Moss Destruction is pretty great. it’s like 80’s style synthwave, which I enjoy, although there isn’t a lot of variety as I had to listen to the same song repeatedly, which again I’m not sure if it was just in those first levels or not because I never got past them, sound effects are fine, not a lot you can do with them.


Moss destruction has a stylised low poly look to it, it’s isometric instead of full top down which is nice, it had a sort of retro but not really feel.


Moss Destruction is frustrating, there are a few things I enjoy like the roguelike aspect of multiple runs gaining things to help for subsequent runs, however the shop with the upgrades only takes a certain resource that I never found a single one of, so I never felt like I was making progress, I was just rerunning the same levels hoping I’d get lucky but the more I played the more impatient and frustrated I became which made me play worse.

Price / Quality: For what I got out of it, probably a bit overpriced
Rating: 5/10 – Has potential, but in the current form I wasn’t much of a fan.

PlayingIndies showcase post

Title: Moss Destruction
Genre: Action, Indie, Roguelike
Developer: Shotgun with Glitters
Publisher: Shotgun with Glitters
Release Date: 3 Sep, 2018



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