REVIEW: Just Beat Em Up: World of Fury

Just Beat Em Up: World of Fury is a side-scrolling beat em up game where you escape from prison. You play as a prisoner that was mistreated in prison and was unsurprisingly not happy about it. So, it’s time to escape prison.


Three prisoners were mistreated in prison. Because of this, they decide to riot. The goal is to beat up prison guards and everyone they hire. Story wise this is a lot of fun to discover. Where will you go next?


The graphics are made to look ” retro ”  this means that the pixel-art and low resolution is intentional. I’m not the biggest fan of the retro-look but for this game it fits, the pixels are also small enough that the details are there and the animations work well.


The standard punch sounds are nothing special, you have heard similar sounds in games before, and you’ll be hearing them a lot. The general soundtrack sounded decent to me, nothing amazing but also not so bad you’d have to turn the sound off.


Gameplay wise, Just Beat Em Up: World of Fury is pretty standard. The main buttons I had to use on my xbox one controller are A (punch) and B (kick) there are also jumping with X and picking stuff up with Y. This game does not reward the player for using a combination of buttons and the easiest way to run trough a level is to just press A all the time. There are a few levels where you do need to use more buttons, but in general the kicks are too slow to really benefit from them and it’s easier to just keep on punching.

There are nine levels and every level the enemies get a bit ‘ tougher ‘, at the start they just try to punch back, later they slide around or throw weapons at you. Then you need to move around to avoid attacks. This is where i found it hard that all enemies spawn on the right side of the screen and not always within sight. Because of this I couldn’t always see which enemies had spawned and got rewarded with damage and death. This was frustrating.


In this review you might have seen a negative overtone, because this game, isn’t the best game out there. But when you factor in that this game is only 5,99 (euro/dollar) and the developer is a one man team, you can forgive some of the shortcomings, the developer is also open to suggestions and has fixed reported bugs within a timeframe of 24 hours. I think Just Beat Em Up: World of Fury is worth the 5,99 and can deliver some good hours of fun for fans of beat em up-games.

I give Just Beat Em Up: World of Fury a 7 for being a fun game, that is worth it’s pricetag.

Steam page

Title: Just Beat Em Up : World of Fury
Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Zudenan Digital
Publisher: Zudenan Digital
Release Date: 30 Aug, 2018

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