Quest of Vidhuraa

Quest of Vidhuraa is a hard puzzle platformer with a cute story.


Vidhuraa is a son of poor couple who was seperated from his parents in his early age. He grew up with his grand-father. Time has come to free his parents who are locked up in Jail inside the King Kaala’s Castle.

Things you can do in the game:

  • Run, jump and die

Things we have handcrafted for you:

  • Two Arenas : Forest, City
  • 40 cruel levels
  • Insane Toughness
  • Original Soundtracks


Finally! Death is fun!

Future Updates [Free]:

  • One More Arena : Castle
  • 20 more levels

Developer wants to hear from you if you want to play the game in you’re native language.

Title: Quest of Vidhuraa
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: FirstSeed
Publisher: FirstSeed
Release Date: 27 Apr, 2018


Quest of Vidhuraa on Steam





Quest of Vidhuraa on Twitter



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