Protoball – A First Person Sports Shooter

Protoball is a first person sports shooter that is fun, athletic, and competitive. The arena is full of fast paced intense action!

Protoball is a futuristic eSports game with FPS mechanics. We’re building Protoball from the ground up to be a competitive eSport, yet casual enough that every skill level can enjoy the gameplay. The game is essentially a futuristic blend of basketball or soccer/football with FPS mechanics, athletic movement, and intense competitive action.

Teams face off against each other in the arena trying to pass the Protoball through the goal in order to score the most points. The arena is split into 3, 2 and 1 point zones to add a reward for harder/longer shots.

Players can pull up an energy shield to block the ball, they can shoot the energy shield to destroy other players or deflect the ball away from, or into, the goal. Players can “dash” into opponents which will stun the hit player, if they possess the ball they’ll fumble/drop the ball.

Matches last 5 minutes and the highest score wins.

We intend to have deep customization options for every player. From entire outfits to visual effects, we want the player to be able to really add their own style to their characters and teams, to really make them their own.

All customizable items will be purely cosmetic and never offer a competitive advantage. There will be NO paid loot boxes! If you want to purchase an in-game item you’ll be able to purchase precisely the item you want, not a CHANCE at that item. Random Loot Boxes are for FREE drops, not purchases, and yes… we’ll be dropping FREE loot boxes randomly after each match!

There will be very rare rewards for certain in-game achievements that cannot be purchased, though they will be transferable/sellable on the Steam marketplace. Our loot-tables and rarity will be based on Fibonacci’s sequence and the golden ratio, we’re science nerds… Some items will be exclusives, limited editions, and we’ll have different levels of rarity.

We’d also like to implement some kind of system to guard against excessive duplicates, and perhaps a system of upgrading multiple duplicates into a better item… We’re open to community suggestions, our Mantra is “Give the players what they want!”

We will have 3 base game modes; Sport mode, Dodgeball (Team and Free-For-All), and Laser Tag(Team and Free-For-All)!

Currently the core sport mode is working as intended and efficiently. You can download the alpha and come play with us! Dodgeball mode is being refined as you read this, once it is thoroughly tested and confirmed stable we’ll begin work on laser tag.

We intend to release Dodgeball during early access, however we’re probably saving Laser Tag for 1.0 official release.

If we reach our stretch goals then we’ll be enabled to hire more talent and build upon the team we already have in place. This will allow us to release with more items, better graphics, better servers etc…

Protoball will have match making, custom matches, competitive and casual modes, rankings, leader-boards, leagues with seasons and weekend tournaments and brackets!

We want to add dedicated “Teams” to the game, much like a clan or a guild in other games, where the players can customize their color themes, outfits/uniforms, VFX and of course roster… all embedded and integrated into the game!

Teams and Players will be able to show off their season’s success with their own in-game trading cards featuring your character. Every player only get’s one rookie card so you better come out strong!

Protoball on Kickstarter

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