Preview: Lethal Running: Prologue

Lethal Running: Prologue is in early development and does not represent the final game.

When the developers of Lethal Running reached out to me, I absolutely had to ask for a demo. They released this in the form of Lethal Running: Prologue.

Lethal Running is an RPG about a deadly game show in a futuristic dystopian society. In each level, there are people that like to help you, as well as others who try to kill you.

The Environment

Lethal Running takes place over a number of missions. Each mission takes the form of a distinct level, which you teleport from upon completing the objectives successfully. The levels all look different and are easy to understand.

Sound / Music

The music sounds good for me, but the sounds are kind of plain and don’t feel distinctive.


Lethal Running is drawn with pixel art. While it’s pixel art, it still looks good. Everything is very detailed. The characters and enemies could have been a bit bigger; they look rather small. Also the in-game text was very small to me, but this may be caused by my 4K monitor, and might look normal on 1080p.


Since this is just a preview, and not a complete review, my conclusion is that Lethal Running is a game you should keep an eye on. This game has the potential to become very interesting and well polished. Currently, the levels in the Prologue are not enough to speak for the whole game, so it depends on what the developers do from here.

Since this is not the full game, I will not give a rating.
It looks interesting enough to keep an eye on and for a real review we have to wait until the full release in 2019.

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Title: Lethal Running
Genre: Indie, RPG
Developer: voodoosoft
Publisher: voodoosoft
Release Date: Mid 2019

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