N.U.T.Z. (Never underestimate the Zardans)

Planet Zarda had long forgotten the horrors of war and instability. Its inhabitants from its provinces have united under one banner in the name of peace and have crafted a world utopia. Centuries of peace have lead to partial disarmament and have long done away with improving or maintaining their military power.

The peace was not to last.

Invaiders Arrive

The sudden invasion of the nomadic reptilian invaders known as the Saurian Horde catches the defense force of the planet off guard. They aren’t prepared to fight a proper military force that has been fighting for centuries. The objective of this alien menace? To strip bare the planet and ether consume, enslave or eradicate the populace.

During the initial waves of the planetary attack Sil and Saya, our game’s protagonists come under attack at an outpost. With their comrades dead and the defense forces in disarray they take the fight to the enemy themselves and reorganize the planet’s defense force.

What fate awaits the Zardans?

Never Underestimate The Zardans!


In N.U.T.Z. you’ll control one of a few characters that sport unique abilities and a variety of different weapons, and engage enemies around you with free aiming in a 360 radius.

Sil just going for a shotgun run

As you progress in the game you will discover power ups in the form of collectible upgrades for weapons and armor located throughout the world of Zarda. These upgrades further extend character’s abilities in terms of combat and mobility. It would also grant them new ways to progress to areas in previous levels that they could not.​

Coming to

We currently have a working version of the game for windows platforms but we also have plans to have playable versions for other operating systems, such as Linux and Mac OS.

If our stretch goals fund, we plan to bring this to the game console market.


Support both mouse-keyboard and gamepad/controller setups (in the future we would like to support full controller setups as well)

Multiple and unique characters to play with. Certain characters will be able to reach and explore areas that other characters could not making for many diverse playthroughs

A diverse world to explore and shoot your way through. We want each area to feel unique and fun in it’s own way.

Unique enemies each with their own traits that present a different challenge to the player. Enemies that will respond and adapt to the player and begin trying new tactics to stop them

Saya takes on the Giga Sentry


Sil is ready to fight!

The hot headed and feisty Sil serves as one of our heros. Sil the squirrel is a range focused character the wields an arsenal of heavy weapons. Sil’s primary weapon is her hand cannon in which her worn armor’s micro factories create bullets. All of the guns Sil receives exhibit different behaviors that allow for different way to approach obstacles. Sil has modest mobility due to the weapons and armor weighing her down.

  • Wide Arsenal: Sil has the most weapons of any character
  • Wall Jumping: Sil has the capability to wall jump to reach areas others could not.
  • Prone: Sil is able to go prone as long as she likes to dodge bullets or other hazards.
  • Power Armor: Sil’s Power armor is unique among the Characters. She can collect individual parts of armor upgrade to increase her power and unlock new abilities. She can change her chest, legs, arms, and shoulder (or head) armor pieces individually.

Saya is coming right for you!

Saya bring her deadly cold steel nature to the field for the Zardans. Saya the fox is a melee focused and aggressive character with great mobility. Saya is always seen wielding her katana and will always be her primary means of attack. Saya does not use heavy weapons. Those that she obtains are often light and can be carried with one hand. They do not supersede her melee abilities but compliment them and her more mobile playstyle.

  • Superior mobility: Saya’s vorpal dash enables her to gain breif invincibility and dash a short distance. Accumulating a hit total hits on an enemy will grant her an extra dash.
  • Light Arsenal: Saya carries very few weapons, often light weight. Can be used in her off hand.
  • Keen Blade: Saya’s blade and her crouch position slice up bullets. Careful! They do not stop penetrating rounds or explosives.


2016: Alexander Melchiorre decides to start working on N.U.T.Z. and starts to gather a core team. The team is working parttime and is fully financed by Alex’s full time job. We have our first working prototype before the summer. The rest of the year is dedicated to improving our existing code and adding in new enemies.

2017: NUTZ gets a deep art overhaul and heads to its first convention, MEGA 2017. We gathered  plenty of feedback and fed that into various improvements in the game.

2018: Saya gets implemented as a new playable character. The game receives some great fixes based on community feedback and player testing, and we’ve finally arrived on Kickstarter. Yay!


Alex: Started gaming young and has loved it ever since. He started making video games in high school for family and friends. In 2016 Alex was tired of working in IT and decided to pursue his dream which led to him forming the team and incorporating Pandemonium Interactive one year later. Alex is primarily responsible for overall game and level design. He likes to lead from the front with both boots on the ground Alex thinks of himself as the tavern keeper and loves to give a smile and a wink.

Joshua: Started his earliest gaming days playing Mega Man and Sonic. His passion for gaming and music helped direct him down the path toward the games industry. Besides his musical talents he is also a game developer and is the creator of 8 Bits to Infinity. One heck of a bard.

Milton: Started playing video games in his early years. With his curiosity and love for games he found his calling in high school with games programming and graduated from the art institute of Atlanta with James, our artist. We call him the Wizard.

James: Attended the same school as Milton (the art institute of Atlanta). He always had a fascination with video game worlds and how they allowed for the escapism of the individual. For James the inclusiveness of a game world and the way it is fleshed out its art is what drives his passion on his projects. He thinks of himself as a exploring cartographer of game worlds.


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