Moe: The Boundary of Reality

The world was destroyed in 3 years. 

First year brought the Child of Truth and, with him, the time of misunderstandings and war – the First Angel came down to the Earth.

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Second year brought the Child of Perfection along with the time of pain and despair – the Second Angel came down to the Earth.

Third year brought the Child of Duty and the time of apathy and nihilism – the Third Angel came down to the Earth.

The mysterious abnormal entities, called Angels ended lives of billions, leaving the world in uninhabitable ruins. And in this godforsaken world only one city was left standing – the Babylon – last hope for our civilization’s survival.

This is the Forth year, and it brought you to us – the Child of Hope. You are about to meet the Forth Angel – an entity that may end our world as is.

So tell me, is this world worth dying for? Would you give it another chance? Would you fight for it?

Would you show this world the Meaning Of Existence?


  • Fun movement mechanics, that you can use in unique environments and engaging platformer-like puzzles.
  • Exciting combat, where you can use a variety of abilities, weapons and meet extraordinary opponents.
  • Moe Powers, use the powers to manipulate the existence of this world – create temporary objects to use in puzzles and combat.
  • Progress, your abilities and skills in simple but emergent parts of gameplay.

Title: Moe: The Boundary of Reality
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Early Access
Developer: TimeTravel_1
Publisher: TimeTravel_1
Franchise: MOE
Release Date: 23 Aug, 2019

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