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Welcome to 431 BC

We are happy to introduce Lisistrata, an unforgiving and unconventional RPG-Visual Novel hybrid that elevates the importance of Tactics, Choices, Character Progression and Resource Management.

Immersed in an ancient Greece setting, you will recruit, train and lead a team of Athens’ young girls through battles, challenges, critical choices and beyond. It will be up to you to organize an effective rebellion against every man of Athens. It will be your responsibility to stop a war that has been endured for decades. Once inside the Acropolis everything will be in your hands. Choose different skills, improve buildings, devise new tactics, betray, seduce, be a diplomat or a warrior. The game (and its characters) will be shaped entirely by you.

Inspired by Aristophanes’ great work

Also known as the “Father of Comedy” and “The Prince of Ancient Comedy”, Aristophanes lived between 446 – 386 BC and inspired thousands of people in ancient Greece. We would like to do the same by bringing his legendary work back to life and expanding upon its original linearity while still remaining faithful to the source.

“I’ve had enough of these wars!! Enough! We can not keep living like this!”

“I’m tired to be neglected by my husband!! His sword will not warm his bed for sure! I’ve made up my mind: Starting from now we say no more! We shall strike!”

The Rebellion

 “If they won’t listen to us, they will sleep alone from now on. It will be a torture for them!!”

And so every woman in Athens left their home and took the Acropolis – the heart of the city, as well as the place where the most important resources were held. They decided to offer no more company or affection whatsoever to those men who had been so busy fighting their wars. Finding the means and forcing them to declare peace is your objective…

Lisistrata’s Oath

But managing the Acropolis and your group at the same time, while keeping the morale high, won’t be an easy task.


Unlock new abilities, forge your character, make the Acropolis a safer place and assemble your team!

Level up and make your build unique

During the game you will be able to choose different abilities by gaining experience and leveling up your character. Feel free to choose what you like based on your play-style, there is no best way to beat the game.

34 Skills gathered in 4 different branches.

  • Athletics
  • Intelligence
  • Charisma
  • Luck

Of course it won’t be possible to unlock them all. Choosing your specialties and making decisions will be incredibly important and it will allow the player to forge their own path to victory.

Build the Acropolis

Better walls, easier access to water or maybe earning the favor of the Gods? Everything counts! But consider… It will take time, which you won’t be able to spend to acquire new skills. Hmm, decisions, decisions…

Every time you level up and/or between chapters the game will give you the following option: What shall we do?

What you decide is up to you.

A better Acropolis will mean a better defense against incursions, better morale for your heroines and other buffs. There is a lot to build but those kind of improvements are designed to make the general environment a better place for you.

On the other side, skills bring more specific bonuses.


Of course, the angry men and the soldiers will not remain idle for long. They didn’t like Lisistrata’s little plan one bit and they will do everything in their power to sabotage your rebellion. They will strike back quickly and it will be very challenging to survive.

Your Skills under a magnifying glass

Everything you do, every path you take, every decision you make will present the player with small challenges to overcome: Skill Checks.

On a successful skill check the player may acquire various advantages that will help the game progression in general; upon a failed skill check the consequences may vary from minor to catastrophic and they may be suffered immediately or later in the game.

Therefore, it’s not advisable to Swim if your character has not yet unlocked that ability, you may regret this… Death in this game is permanent.



Turn Based Combat

Strategize with party order, party composition, and unlocked skills against a huge variety of enemies. When diplomacy fails, it’s time to put your abilities to good use!

Each one of our heroines have their own strengths and weaknesses. Be careful and evaluate the situation very thoroughly, then choose who to bring with you in combat. Managing a good mix of abilities is the key to victory.

Also we’ve added some modern RPG concepts on top of this structure; these include AoEs, DoTs, grapples and combos, creating a tactical battle full of depth.

Using different abilities will have different outcomes depending on who the ability is used on. For example, charms will generally work better against young guards; on the other side, strength will generally be more effective against elderly men.

Visual Novel

The storyline of Lisistrata is going to be deep and non-linear. We have experience with adapting theater plays to a Visual Novel style, and we love a solid, branching story that can be really fulfilling as a narrative.

The Parthenon!

Our goal for Lisistrata is to make it the best story we’ve produced yet – we want players to create the story by shaping the characters and making big decisions.

Seduction skill check passed + Stealth skill check passed. Good job!

There will be large and small branches, with many alternative endings to our story. Some branches will follow the original play closely, while others may end up in very different and weird places. It’s really exciting for us to see this storyline “web” grow as we work on the game, and with it the endless possibilities players will have.

Music & animations

There is a plethora of games out there in the market. We are very passionate about our Lisistrata conecpt, so we strove to bring it to life by focusing on two specific areas during game design: music and dynamic characters.

We searched far and wide for a composer who could capture the feel of Ancient Greece and fit our game the best – as well as being pleasing to listen, of course. We found him in Vindsvept, an extremely talented musician that we are very happy to work with.

ut the feature we are most excited about is the employment of hand-crafted animations. We felt that going the extra mile with facial animations could really enhance the VN experience, so we are working on making them unique and lip-synced with the audio, frame by frame. We feel that this really makes a huge difference from the bland, software-generated lip movements you seem to be finding everywhere nowadays! Just take a look at this video… We’re in love


Who will oppose you:

 Your Heroines!

and many more secondary characters.


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