Kid Baby: Starchild

Indie Crafted

Kid Baby: Starchild is a tight controlling 3D platformer with a focus on twitch based combat and decisive platforming. As Kid Baby’s sworn protector it’s up to you to deliver the universe from certain destruction.

Our game was crafted by a core team of just three developers. The game uses a custom engine and toolset built from the ground up to support our dream of developing a quality 3D platforming experience. As a result of these efforts we’ve put together a game that stands out in both visual style and quality of gameplay. We hope you have as much fun playing our game as we did creating it!


They say the Leviathan has wandered the galaxy for countless ages. Growing ever more powerful with each world unfortunate enough to have lain within its wake. And now it’s coming for the Starchild! The first child born in generations with the power and potential to deliver the world from chaos. Held captive by the evil Waarg King the child is to be used as an offering to gain the Leviathan’s favor. Time is of the essence. The great beast draws ever closer. You may be our last hope!

The curent version contains:

• 6 Mission levels
• 6 Minigames (hidden within the mission levels)
• Player mechanics in a progression (learning a new ability each level)
• Variety of enemy characters (usually a new one introduced in every level)
• 1 Challenge level
• 1 Minimap
• 1 Bazaar for purchasing items with credits earned in game
• Original soundtrack and sound effect design
• Full controller support (Tested with Xbox & PS4) (No keyboard controls)
• Video mode configuration (windowed, borderless, fullscreen, gamma)
• Steam cloud saves

Title: Kid Baby: Starchild
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Early Access
Developer: Exit Earth Entertainment
Publisher: Exit Earth Entertainment
Release Date: 24 Apr, 2019

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