Hovership Havoc

A sci fi top down shooter with RPG and roguelike elements.

Take control of a hovership and blast your way through randomly generated rooms filled with 15+ different types of robotic enemies.


Randomly Generated Levels
Levels, rooms, enemies, and pickups are all randomly generated so no 2 playthroughs are the same

Collect XP to spend to upgrade your ship stats or to upgrade your equipped abilities to make your ship more powerful and destructive

Obtain some of more than 30 random abilities throughout gameplay such as a shockwave pulse, laser beam, or projectile shield

Ship Variety
Choose 1 of 4 Hoverships with their own unique main weapon and stats

3rd Person Boss Battles
Use all your unlocked upgrades and abilities and drop your perspective down to 3rd person and battle giant robotic bosses

Unique Environments
Traverse across 3 unique sci-fi environments while encountering more than 15 different types of robotic enemies





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