Hinterhalt 3

Hinterhalt 3

Currently featuring a total of 20 different maps based on 5 settings (boy’s -, girl’s -, store-, office-, and bathroom) with contrasting battlefield sizes varying from small narrow maps to large open areas.

Game Modes:

A core aspect of the game are its four distinct playable game modes, including an auto battle bonus mini-game and a zombie mode. Each game mode has its own unique play style, challenges and lead to absolutely messy and rollicking battles filled with tons action and variety.

  • Skirmish: Eliminate all opponents and protect your team mates. The first team reaching a specific number of eliminations wins the match, the other one will go home as the big looser.

  • Ambush: A capture the flag based game mode with slight variations where the attacking team must capture all the flags within a given life-budget. The defending team on the other hand has an infinite number of spawn, however, must defend the flags by all cost. Luckily, it disposes of heavy weapons such as mortars, artillery and static machine guns and decimate and blow away the enemy.

  • Zombies: Rules are simple. You spawn, they spawn, you run out of ammo, you need to find ammo, eventually you lose….or…who knows! Obviously, Zombies get stronger throughout the game, making it more and more unlikely to survive and an ever-increasing challenge.

  • Commander: In this auto battle based mini-game you define the actual spawn areas of your soldiers and strategically position heavy weapons. Maps are randomly generated and thus require new strategies and positioning per match and the first team to reach a specific number of kills wins.

Art Style:

Carefully designed art style, a mix between low poly and cartoon, and selectively chosen sounds, outlandish animations, GUI and visual effects provide a great addition to the whole game experience.

Early Access:

The main reasons for the early access are fixing potential bugs, testing, game-play improvements, balancing, performance optimization, consideration & adapting to community feedback.

Quick Recap:

  • 20 Maps
  • 4 game modes
  • Unique and quirky art style
  • Fast game-play
  • Fun and new game-play experiences


The developers describe the content like this:

The game includes cartoonish violence in form of battles, explosions, guns, blood, and all sounds & effects that go with it.

TITLE: Hinterhalt 3
GENRE: Action, Casual, Indie
DEVELOPER: Felip Guimerà
PUBLISHER: FelGC.GamesDevelopment
RELEASE DATE: 25 Apr, 2020

Hinterhalt 3 on Steam

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