God’s Gift

God’s Gift is a 2D puzzle platformer with an emphasis on forward planning, exploration and experimentation. The gameplay involves guiding mindless cultists throughout 30+ levels overcoming environmental and enemy based puzzles by mutating the cultists giving them many fantastic eldritch abilities.

The game is set in the strange realm of the Old Gods, ancient unfathomable beings from beyond our universe. Eons ago they drained our universe dry of all intelligent life, feeding on the souls of countless trillions, using this power to ascend into beings of pure psychic energy.

Now the Old God’s realm is under threat from a mysterious enemy completely immune to their influence. They need flesh and souls to re-form their physical bodies. The young race of humans, now the only sentient life in the universe, are their only hope however they need a guide. A prophet. An emissary from the Old Gods to lead the human race to its unholy destiny.

You are this Champion. Lead your human flock.

*  Sacrifice your cultists to shrines scattered throughout the Old God’s realm to have “God’s Gifts” bestowed upon you, powerful mutations to twist your cultists to dozens of sickening but useful forms.

30+ levels across three different realms. Each level has its own combination of mutations and each realm has a unique goal.

* Four powerful bosses, including an epic final encounter.

* Many different enemies to defeat and environmental puzzles to overcome with multiple solutions, which mutations will you choose to proceed?

Unique and vibrant pixel art and animations.

* Unlock pages of the Necronomicon via achievements and hidden artefacts. Reveal the secrets of the Old Gods, the ancient lore surrounding them, and the reason behind their sudden interest in the human race…

Powerful Level Editor! Create and share levels with your friends.

* Planned for a PC, Mac and Linux release.

God’s Gift began development in March 2015 as a way to learn coding and pixel art. I have always loved puzzle strategy games involving hordes of minions (Lemmings, Pikmin, Black & White, Populous etc) and I love the works of (and works inspired by) H.P. Lovecraft and these influences are obvious throughout God’s Gift.

Pretty early on in development it became apparent that my skills as a coder were somewhat limited, but I really enjoyed pixel art, animation and game design. In 2016 Tim Gentry joined the team as a coder and co-designer. After refining the concept we have been working together on God’s Gift ever since.

Shortly after being greenlit we released a short prototype demo which included a couple of tracks from our friend Connor “MobiusDisco” Bloomfield who has now joined the team to compose all the music in the game.

Game: God’s Gift
Developer: Seventeen Uncles



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