Review: Ghost Giant

From the creators of Fe, and Stick It To The Man, comes Ghost Giant – a moving title that is very reminiscent of Moss, one of the best PSVR titles to date.

We meet our young protagonist crying by a lake as we take the shape of a giant ghost. Terrified at first, Louis tries to flee, eventually near drowning. After saving him from a watery grave, we follow him to a farm where he lives with his mother. There we join forces with Louis, working together to help him with his troubles.



Gameplay-wise, Ghost giant doesn’t bring anything new to the table, using many of the usual VR mechanics. They have, however, been very well implemented into our story, allowed you to interact with our storybook environment in various ways.

You play from a fixed point in the map but are able to rotate your view to the left and right so you can see and interact with different parts of the environment. Interaction points are marked by having brass handles or buttons, allowing you to rotate buildings, lift objects, or even removing walls, allowing you to either see the continuing story or help Louis solve the game’s puzzles. By help, I mean you do all the work for him because you’re a kickass ghost giant and he’s a tiny cat man, but our little friend does try.



The puzzles themselves were mostly straight forward but I did find a couple a bit frustrating as there were no clear clues as to what I should do next. The game does give little hints as Louis will run over to the direction your facing with a little exclamation over his head to show he has a hint for you. The times I got stuck however, these hints were about as much use as a chocolate fireguard and just added to my frustration.

There are also little collectables in each level for you to also find, consisting of hats you can put on everyone, little caterpillars, pinwheels, and a basketball that you have to throw in a hoop that is hidden in the level. These have no impact on the game beyond trophies and are all relatively easy to find.




The story is what makes this game really stand out and I will keep this as vague as I can to avoid spoilers. The game tackles issues around depression which is something you don’t see very often. The game shows the effects it has as Louis tries his best to save the farm for his Mum.

With awareness of mental health gaining a bigger part of the spotlight nowadays, I think it’s very important that we start to see these things in games too as some of us have been around it or lived through it and sometimes it can make for a great medium to educate younger people in more sensitive issues, just like some TV and Film did before them.
It’s not very often a game moves you, but Ghost Giant made me laugh and cry, which for me is a VR first and it’s no easy thing trying to sort yourself out when you’re teary-eyed under a VR headset!



Graphics & Sound

With being a PS VR title, the graphics aren’t exactly going to blow you out of the water, but with it’s cute Chibi style, Ghost Giant remains aesthetically pleasing. Each level is it’s own little diorama, beautifully designed in a pop-up storybook style, brought to life by all its little inhabitants. Each character has it’s own style and strong personality, adding to our story in their own way.

The music and sound effects on the game really help to build this game’s atmosphere, with Claude Debussy’s Claire De Lune having a prominent presence throughout the game. I have a lot of love for this piano piece, so it was certainly a welcome addition for me.

The voice work is of great credit to the game also. With most of the game’s dialogue being centred around Louis speaking to you or others, Kimlinh Tran, the voice of our main protagonist, did a superb job of bringing him to life, really making you feel for Louis. The other characters in the game are also very well voiced and full of personality, bringing them all to life.



For the hunters out there – This is a straight forward Trophy list and an easy Platinum. Half of the game’s trophies are tied to story progression and collectables, with the other half being linked to doing certain things in specific levels. There are also no difficulty trophies or missables, which makes it an easy sweep.


If you’ve been looking for a reason to dust of your PS VR for a title that isn’t Beat Saber, Ghost Giant is an absolute must. A story driven puzzle game with a great narrative and memorable characters, it’s one of the best titles on the PS VR to date and definitely one you shouldn’t miss.

Title: Ghost Giant
Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
Developer: Zoink Games
Publisher: Zoink Games
Release Date: Out Now
PS VR & PS Camera Required
PS Move Required

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