Freja and the False Prophecy

The tale of one shield-maiden’s journey. A tale of betrayal, overcoming adversity and self discovery. You’ll be the fallible heroine, Freja, troubled by a brutal past and thrust into the harsh unknown, as you traverse through the Nine Realms of Yggdrasil in search of answers and redemption.

You’ll discover a great betrayal, uncover a prophecy, experience a terrible tragedy and, ultimately, go head to head with the gods themselves.

Their strings tug, our motions pre-orchestrated. Fate or free will? Does it matter? Can you rise and forge your own fate?

As you travel through the nine-realms of Yggdrasil, you will uncover an epic tale. As gamers and fans of rich and engaging stories, we’re placing an emphasis on crafting a tale that you’ll remember long after finishing the game.

Returning from a raid, Freja arrives at her home shore, her ship cast upon the rocks. She discovers all is not as it seems. A great malady has gripped the land and the gods may have a part in it. With the tragedy of lost comrades and a sunken bounty behind her, she sets off to uncover the truth.

Freja will not make it through the journey unscathed. As you uncover the mystery and piece together the prophecy, you’ll progress not only Freja’s character but also unlock awesome and powerful abilities to break the chains that bind you to the gods.

Along the way, you’ll meet a variety of interesting and diverse characters which will either help, hinder or provide some well earned comic relief.

A traveler and wanderer with a large ego and even bigger sword, Stigandr comes from a land that was ravaged by a great famine and hardship many moons ago. Freja encounters him at various points in her adventure and they forge a strong bond of kinship.

A cheeky bard who promises to sing Freja’s saga for a thousand years. Quirky and with a sense of humour, you’ll always be on the lookout for the next opportunity to exchange some friendly banter.

The Gods
We’re keeping them secret for now. They’re not big on photographs. Suffice to say, they’ll have a strong presence in the game.

The worlds you’ll battle through in our saga:

  • Midgard: Home of the Humans. Surrounded by the all encompassing sea serpent, Jörmungandr, Midgard is a land of mountains, valleys, rivers and oceans, a land that Freja calls home.
  • Niflheim: The World of Fog and Mist. Darkest and coldest of the Nine Realms, Niflheim is a barren and icy wasteland.
  • Muspelheim: The Land of Fire is a burning hot place, filled with lava, flames, and soot.
  • Asgard: The home of the Aesir. A divine and orderly realm. This domain of the gods is ruled by Odin and his wife, Frigg. Home to the great halls Valhalla and the meadow of Fólkvangr, where fallen Vikings will go for the afterlife.
  • Jotunheim: Home of the Giants,  the sworn enemies of the Aesir. Jotunheim consists mostly of rocks, wilderness, and dense forests.
  • Vanaheim: Home of the Vanir. The Vanir are masters of sorcery and magic, renowned for their ability to foretell the future.
  • Alfheim: Home of the Light Elves, luminous and mysterious creatures. Some say they are more beautiful than the sun.
  • Svartalfheim: Home of the Dwarves. Master crafters and hoarders of wealth, the dwarves live under the mountains, inhabiting caves and subterranean tunnels.
  • Helheim: Home of the dishonorable dead. A cold and lifeless place ruled by Loki’s fearsome daughter, Hel, and guarded from trespassers by a monstrous hound.

“A game should be, above all, a bucket load of fun.” Us.

Freja and the False prophecy is a Metroidvania style 2D Platformer. As you travel through Yggdrasil you will become a crucial part of a captivating story.

  • RPG Mechanics: Unlock awesome abilities, warcries and rune stones.
  • Battle: Challenging and diverse boss encounters punctuate the nine realms. You’ll have to rely on your wits and abilities to defeat them.
  • Tight Controls: Responsive and engaging controls that give you full control over our lithe and powerful heroine and her array of abilities and acrobatics.
  • Explore: A meticulously crafted world for you to explore and discover new secrets.
  • Platform: Navigate your way through diverse and interesting platforming challenges and puzzles.
  • Be Challenged: A fair yet satisfying default difficulty level.
  • Or not… A Story Mode option for people who don’t feel like they have anything to prove and would just like to experience the story and feel like a super hero.

Character progression and role playing

They say a hero is forged from adversity and sorrow, not born.

As Freja evolves into a fearsome heroine you will unlock new attacks, awesome powerups and devastating warcries worthy of waging war with the gods.

Combat Mechanics

You’re stronger than you could ever dream of. Find your strength.

Navigating the nine realms successfully will require you to master Freja’s attacks, abilities and defensive maneuvers. You’ll have to keep your wits to prevent Freja getting squished by a nasty forest troll or massive frost giant.

Bend time and space to make easy work of this nasty forest troll
Bend time and space to make easy work of this nasty forest troll

Game: Freja and the False Prophecy
Developer: Unsigned Double Collective

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