Forbidden Punch

Master the art of the forbidden punch. Brought to you by Atriagames who are both the developers and publishers. Forbidden Punch is a fighting game. Where everyone uses the same dirty move.


Forbidden Punch contains a few short stories in the arcade mode. Over all there are four stories. Easy Mode, Hard Mode and two character specific ones. All stories are variations of the same concept. Master Printer is the teacher of the Forbidden Punch martial art style. His dojo is being taken over by MacDragon. There are also talks of an amulet and illusion magic.


As a fighting game, Forbidden Punch gives you a choice of fighters. Although all have the same techniques. Which are exclusively nut shots. Either punch or kick your opponent square in the family jewels. You can also shield your own privates. And each character has a “trick” attack which is used to break the guard and expose their weak point for more smashing. Over all it is an incredibly simple fighting style. Most of the time I just used the kick as it is stronger. If you time it right you can win a fight in 3 kicks. Or 6 for the bosses. You can select between Easy and Hard although all it changes is the amount of damage you take and do. Doubling your opponents health and presumably halving yours.

Character Roster

As a fighting game you have a roster of characters to use. Each character has a distinct look. A few of them. Possibly all. Are references to existing characters and memes. For instance Rick Miller is a character in a bandanna and American Flag thong. Otherwise known as the Ricardo Milos meme. And Vasya is the stereotypical Russian gangsta. With a pistol and tracksuit. Vasya is also one of, possibly the only character with a different “trick” move. He uses his gun as opposed to snapping his fingers. Although this is just a cosmetic change and still acts the same. Other than cosmetics. Every character is exactly the same when you use them. Playing as one of the boss characters when unlocked will adjust their strength and health to match all starting characters.


The art style of Forbidden Punch is very cartoony. The character designs are all very distinct and fun. The backgrounds are nice and colorful as well. The over all look of the game is kind of like an old Cartoon Network show. Or some of the early Newgrounds styled flash animations. One stage though. The Beach stage, has an issue with the background where you can sometimes see the lines splitting the sky into segments.


Each stage has some fun music. Sound effects are pretty much what you’d expect. Grunts. Groans. Eggs cracking. And a lot of stock punch sounds. The music makes up for this though. Even thought there are only a few tracks that play. Each one of them sounds good.


I couldn’t find any definitive proof. But I believe Atriagames are a Russian based team. Just based off their email address. I note this because of the frequent grammatical issues in the story.

Forbidden Punch is not a serious contender for best fighting game. But they are self aware to know this. The game exists as some silly fun. And it succeeds in this regard. The characters are fun. The gameplay is simplistic but not without merit. And the music is as they state on the Steam page “Nice”.

For a game all about punching people in the testicles. Forbidden Punch is actually less crass than you might expect. For instance they never directly refer to “balls” instead they call them Eggs or Bells. When you hit your enemy enough you will see one of his Eggs crack. Silly additions like this are what make the game fun. The price tag is also suitably small. Which again shows that Atriagames are aware of what they created.

Rating: 6/10 – Silly meme game with a low price tag. Good for some dumb fun.

Title: Forbidden Punch
Genre: 2D Fighter
Developer: Atriagames
Publisher: Atriagames
Release Date: 22 Aug, 2019

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