Jump, dodge, deflect and evade as you claw your way out of the alien corridors of the Adit, a labyrinthine tunnel to worlds beyond.

Exoder is a frantic, fast paced, 2D, action platformer that will test your skills of reflex, resilience, patience and determination.

Armed with a mere shield to deflect oncoming attacks, help Exoder bounce and dash through a myriad of enemies and bosses to break free of her subterranean prison, reach the surface and uncover the cosmic conspiracy which threatens us all.

All while the hideous Mind of the inscrutable Wanly nips at your heels on every leg of your journey, ready to pounce and drag Exoder back into the abyssal Maw below.


– 7 Hectic Levels and 8 fearsome Boss Fights.
– Collect Power Ups like SlowGiga BlastDouble jump and more to turn the chase in your favour.
– A Constantly Degrading Score. Make haste and go for the high score by finishing the game as fast as possible and limiting deaths and damage.
– Secrets! Decipher and Uncover the Path to the Secret Level!
– A Rockin’ Soundtrack!
Easy Mode! For beginners looking to learn the game without breaking a sweat.
– Gravity Wells, Portals, Icy Surfaces, Angry Eyeballs, Undead Kings, Rival Fights, Shifting Platforms, Vicious Man Eating Hearts, Elevator Rides…Oh MY!!

NOTE : Though Exoder does support Mouse and Keyboard controls, it was primarily designed with the use of a Gamepad Controller in mind. Therefore a Gamepad is HIGHLY recommended for the best experience.

Title: Exoder
Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Fever Dream Gameworks
Publisher: Fever Dream Gameworks
Release Date: 23 Apr, 2018


Exoder on Steam





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