Enuan’s Path

Enuan’s Path is an atmospheric 2D action-adventure. You’ll explore vast and mystic realms full of ancient beasts, bewildering cultures and challenging puzzles.

Playing as little Enu, you uncover a world out of balance. One that is about to endure the consequences of a mistake, made so long ago no mortal remembers it anymore.

for Cats and Dogs

The game by solo developer lazybensch is a metroidvania-style platformer with tight controls, an engaging combat system, tough and numerous boss encounters and beautiful pixelart with a rare attention to detail that let’s you stop every once in a while just to enjoy the scenery.

Apart from a traditional metroidvania progression system you can discover and choose out of dozens of optional abilities and master an array of unique weapons to personalise your fighting style.

With Enuan’s Path, lazybensch’s goal is to create a coherent world that feels real, with an intricate history, cultures with their own constructed language, friends and foes with complex characters and a charm to it that makes you want to leave no stone unturned, no secret passed by.

From the depth of the Jade Wood Heart, through the ruins of Ganam’i to the peak of the Mount Bromm you will not only experience, but affect the world around you in a meaningful way.

You will face giant monstrosities and ancient gods and, with the help of the friends you meet, save a world from an all consuming menace.. if you choose to.


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