Domination: Earth

Will you be the next ruler of the Earth?

New Android and iOS augmented reality strategy game “Domination: Earth” has launched, operating in the real world around you – military style! Check in wherever you go using your phone or tablet to capture places and pieces of land, expanding your very own global empire – like Geocaching on Steroids!

Invented and developed by startup Epic Dragon UK, the concept of the game was originally inspired by the “Swarm” social network (formerly “Foursquare”), which some of CEO Dan Dragon’s friends and relatives were simply addicted to and kept checking in wherever they went together.

Dan Dragon comments, “I could never understand the incentive behind just recording all the places you’ve visited, so I decided to take it to the next level and transform the process of ‘checking in’ into a full-blown war game! It creates a personalised ‘travel log’, but also suggests places you would never normally visit, in order to collect valuable resources. Domination Earth enables players to boast of their newly acquired assets on a worldwide scale and build their own personal network of cities, protecting all these conquests. The user with the highest square mileage of captured lands appears as the country’s leader on the world map.”

A health conscious and adventure provoking platform, it encourages hiking, cycling and other forms of travel and real-world exploration in order to collect resources – you have to physically approach each item wherever it appears in the world to pick it up.

Game tactics include capturing lands to build military bases and recruiting armies to establish regional dominance. Construction resources keep appearing all over the globe, so in the process of their collection you will explore places you’ve never seen before!

To defend your territories, initiate alliances with neighbors to fight against foreign threats or build a missile launcher in your backyard to thwart invaders of your hometown. It’s vital check in five times in any spot to establish a new base of operations. Once you’ve collected enough resources you can send your armies to the overseas base in order to advance your influence remotely, even after you’ve left!

Domination Earth also engages in “item scrapping”: any real-world item with a barcode can be transformed into a resource by using your camera (don’t worry, you still get to keep your items afterwards!). Books, toys, DVDs – almost anything becomes a source of crafting materials.

Download Domination Earth directly on this link Follow news and developments in the realm of Domination Earth via their forum on Facebook and Twitter

Company Bio:

Epic Dragon Ltd are a small UK start-up, who consider themselves based in Norwich (Norfolk), but love that in this day and age a digital business can operate globally. Their game servers “float in the cloud” somewhere around Ohio, US.

The “unchanging core” of our team is CEO Dan Dragon and Head of Development/Content and Chief Visionary Officer Irene Stetsiuke. The Domination Earth game assets were produced by a remote team of freelancers/contractors outside the UK: working with a music/ sound effect composer from Germany, content developer from Latvia,a 2D artist from the US and 3D designer/animators from Russia.

Epic Dragon have also built and published a successful browser based desktop game named “Flamefrost” that’s entertaining around 20,000 players right now. It’s completely different to “Domination: Earth” audience-wise and technology-wise so they constantly strive to create diverse products and experiences.


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