DOLMEN – Stars are bleeding

Cosmic Horror and Sci-Fi are two genres that may come to mind when talking about DOLMEN.

This third-person Action-RPG has a heavily Lovecraftian-influenced plot that calls players to find some of the darkest secrets of the universe!

Here is the new trailer made specially for the kickstarter campaign, check his out:


Revion Prime — a spine-chilling forgotten planet is where your story will take place. Adaption and exploration will be your key to survival…and your primary weapons. As you craft new items and equipment from your enemies’ carcasses, keep in mind that every step could be your last.

Learn the language of the universe as you struggle to stay alive!

Initially DOLMEN will be released for PC/Windows (Steam). We have plans to release on Console at a later date and with your support we will also support PS4 and Xbox One.

Story & World

Our solar system is merely a speck of dust in comparison with the greatness of the universe. And, although mankind has reached the stars, we have not yet conquered them — nor have we even come close. As human beings, we may never accomplish that feat. After all, who knows who and what is lurking in the darkness between the planets and asteroids? That answer is better left unsaid…

However, it can be experienced. As an abandoned astronaut, you will bear witness to the world of Revion Prime, where the DOLMEN is hidden. It is a link to the war that destroyed all civilization in that galaxy and was devastating enough to attract various different aliens to that place trying to discover its true power. But, that was all in vain. Now, the planet is a merely a shadow of the past and the horrors that took place; a haunting mystery remains with no indication that the planet can be saved.

Is that the only course for the future? Or is there a way to change fate?

The answer is YOU! From the moment you awake inside of the cryopod aboard your ship, you are looking for a reason as to why you are so far from Earth. The answers are scattered throughout your journey, and with an unknown voice inside of your head, you must decipher the clues left behind from your crew members. This dead world may be able to spare a memory of what once was…but only through you!

Strategic and Dynamic Combat 

What’s someone to do left in such a daunting situation? Well, you’ll certainly have to face the unpredictable. You’ll have to improvise!

Intense Melee Combat

Experience rich combat with various types of melee weapons and moves! Attack, block and dodge, as you try to escape from the enemies as well as damage them.


Smart Ranged Combat

Use ranged weapons’ elemental shots to cause different debuffs on enemies! All creatures answer specifically to different combinations, making every battle innovative and demanding. You have to always be attentive!

Energy Management

Besides Stamina as an active resource for your melee attacks, you will also have to maintain and use your Energy to activate your ranged weapons. But, this isn’t the only use of Energy. By activating the Energy mode, your melee weapon will be empowered, too! Additionally, you can use a portion of Energy to recover a small portion of your HP fairly quickly. But beware — energy does not regenerate by itself, so use it wisely and sparingly!

Challenging Enemies

Surviving is the last thing the cosmos wants you to do… Along your way, many creatures will try to end your journey!!

Gruesome Bosses

The human race deserves to subsist? Many alpha predators will say no!

Explore a Ruined World and Find its Secrets



Survival means doing whatever it takes to stay alive — take on the world of Revion Prime and make it yours!

Behold this unforgiving planet called Revion Prime, the last maze to reach the Dolmen!

Navigate through perilous paths and face obscure traps, like exploding plants and binding webs!

Craft equipment

Weapons and armour and upgrade them to become part of an alien society… or what’s left of it…

You must scour this alien planet, harvest Materials, from dead bodies and create the ultimate survivor gear!

Gain Strength 

Defeat the hellish monsters of Revion Prime and grow stronger with each won battle! Build your character your own way and experience DOLMEN however you want to!

You can level up your character however you want to suit your specific play style.

Uncover the truth by finding and connecting each piece of the lost alphabet of this galaxy!


To start, the DOLMEN demo will be released with audio and text support for English and text support for Brazilian Portuguese. When the final game releases it will support all major languages, including but not limited to: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and more.


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