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An action/adventure RPG with a very soulsborne feel to it, Decay of Logos seeks to carve its own path with this vibrant take on the otherwise gloomy genre. Drawing clear inspiration from games like Legend of Zelda and Okami, Decay of Logos is a title full of potential that unfortunately falls short.

Over the years we have seen many developers take a shot at this genre, each with their own unique takes with titles like Ashen and Nioh being welcome additions, but we’ve also seen some that were not so lucky like Immortal: Unchained that had good ideas that weren’t implemented too well.

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What differs Decay of Logos from the rest is its unique leveling system and the addition of a companion/mount which if you read on, I’ll cover in the next section.

For those of you that want to skip to the conclusion, click here: TL;DR.


The game begins with your village ablaze, with you finding what I can only assume to be your parents, dead. With the Prince to blame, the protagonist Ada set’s out on a quest for revenge.

The bits of story, however, are very few and far between. The intro movie doesn’t explain anything, with you discovering what had actually transpired by talking to NPC’s later on. With no real cinematics and only scraps of a plot, it’s very hard to get drawn in by Ada’s plight.


The majority of the games core gameplay centres around exploration, solving puzzles and slaying the various enemies that litter the land. Now, I say various, but one major drawback of this has been the sheer lack of enemy diversity and attack patterns. The puzzles mostly consist of finding items to progress or using your trusty steed to stand on an object, so don’t expect anything too trying.

The combat is designed to be challenging and it certainly is just that at first. It took me a little while to adjust to the combat as it isn’t as fast and responsive as you’d expect so if you over-commit to attacks, you’re going to get punished. There have been a fair few times I’ve got swing happy but been unable to cancel into a roll to evade, a feature I’ve been spoiled with by other games. Once you’ve learned the very limited attack patterns though, it becomes a case of bait the attack then counter-attack.

The game also features a variety of weapons and equipment, each with varying stats; weapons have different damage, speeds, and stamina usage; armour has status resistances and defence ratings. They all, however, have durability. On my first run, I managed to break my starting weapon by going Legend of Zelda on every crate I saw, and with no way to attack barehanded, I had to restart the game.

Decay of Logos also features a companion/mount who joins Ada on her journey. In open-world games, a mount or fast travel is always a welcome addition, but our lovely looking steed is anything but an aid. With wonky steering that seems impossible to steer straight and a ‘kick to speed up’ that never seems to be more for decoration as you zig-zag along at a snail’s pace.

One of my favourite unique features of this game is the stats and leveling. Do you like that delicious E-X-P? Well, sonny, I’m afraid this will not sate your thirst. Decay of Logos does away with that and instead rewards you through combat. Killing enemies will boost your stats, whereas taking damage lowers them. Thankfully, stats lost are not permanent and are restored by resting at camps.

Graphics & Sound

The first thing that drew me to Decay of Logos was its vibrant colours and design that give it a very Legend of Zelda appearance. The environment, buildings, Given the size of the team, it’s an impressive feat for this indie dev to make something of this quality.

Apart from a few frame rate dips from time to time, the graphical quality is maintained throughout but maybe at the cost of a little variation.

The voice acting and sound effects are also pretty good, but one thing I found really lacking is there wasn’t really any ambient sound or music, which made the game deathly quiet most the time, barring the clinking of weapons.

Verdict & Final Thoughts

Decay of Logos is a game with a lot of potential, but is let down by its varying bugs, from performance issues, crashes, vanishing equipment, to repetitive combat, and a mount that is as manageable as a 4-year-old on a sugar rush.

With a few more months in the oven, the game would have probably rid itself of a lot of these bugs and I know the team is currently hard at work fixing them, but as it is, I don’t think it’s going to be enough.

This was a non-profit review using the Xbox One and Steam versions of Decay of Logos. Thanks to Amplify Creations for providing me with the keys to bring you this review.

Title: Decay of Logos
Genre:Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Developer:Amplify Creations
Publisher:Rising Star Games
Release Date: 30 Aug, 2019

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