Coastal Hill: Mystery Solving

What would it feel like to return to your city and not recognize it? The old hidden castle has an eerie glow and lost secrets are lurking in the shadows of the hill. Embark on journey in a haunted city and search for hidden objects.

In Coastal Hill you’ll find yourself in the city center of the eeriest action and puzzle adventure full of free Hidden Objects and Match 3 mysteries, innuendos, and obscurities. The lighthouse castle you once knew as a peaceful spot has changed completely. Search for hidden objects to reveal the castle secrets.

Some forces of darkness have shrouded the city’s hidden secret. The town has started to lose hope in finding the answers to it’s puzzle and it’s up to you to find all of the secret hidden clues and solve the mystery. Search for hidden objects to evict the dark enemy forces.

Immerse into the world of Coastal Hill and fight back malign creatures. Begin your adventure now and unravel the hidden mystery of this haunted town! Find the hidden objects in the secret city. Search the lost hidden castle to solve the puzzle.

Install and play the game to:

—IMMERSE into a castle puzzle story unfolding in front of you through more than 1000 interesting quest puzzles;
—EXPERIENCE fights with monsters scaring the citizens;
—CUSTOMIZE your avatar: clothes give you special ability;
—DESIGN and restore a haunted mansion on the hill and get closer to solving the mystery of the town;
—FIND objects artfully hidden in over 35 first-class locations around the mysterious city on the hill
__SEARCH for Hiden Obejcts and SOLVE the puzzle
—USE search tools in 7 game modes;
—COLLECT over 100 collectibles items (+300 more on their way!);
—BUILD Wonders of the World to receive bonuses;
—CREATE items required to complete quests around the hill and banish monsters instead of seeking them;
—IMPROVE your logical thinking by solving tricky mini-games;
—PLAY WITHOUT INTERNET on your couch, your commute, on a plane, in the subwa7
—RECEIVE technical support .
__SEND Private Messages with STICKERS

Coastal Hill: Dark Legends is a free game, but some in-game items may be purchased for real money.

Coastal Hill: Mystery Solving

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