Circle Rally Party

Circle Rally Party is a 1 to 4 players local multiplayer party game with mini games about doing donuts with cars. Use your car’s unique attack at the right time, and collect power-ups to improve your odds. Traffic rules do not apply!



You are an ambitious rally car driver specialized in doing donuts with any car. Sadly enough, you are not the only one: your opponents are trying to beat your world record! Somewhere in the wild, there is a series of old rally circuits previously used by experienced drivers. You decided to call your opponents to challenge them on those circuits. They may use any car from your garage, but what they don’t know is that you equipped every car with a special attack to help you win the match. Those old rally circuits are the perfect locations to show your opponents who’s the king of the donuts!

Titel: Circle Rally Party
Genre: Local Multiplayer, Party Game, Racing, Rally, Topdown, Action, Indie
Developer: Yvo Geldhof
Publisher: Yvo Geldhof
Release Date: 10 Apr, 2019


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