Blue and his buddies are Blokin folk, a bumbling bunch of cube-crafted cohorts that reside in the wonderfully cute arcade puzzle game, BLOKIN. Guide the bumbling folk across 50 arenas, plotting a path to give you the best shot at reaching the finish in the least number of moves.

BLOKIN features an assortment of fiendishly challenging levels lurking inside a beautifully bold and stylised, minimalist landscape. It’s a challenge far from simple but don’t stress, soak in the striking stylized visuals with a marvellously mellow soundtrack to help keep you calm. Take time, strategise your moves and find the perfect path.

Explore the world of BLOKIN in a wonderfully-presented Augmented Reality mode too with a super-simple transition between standard mode and AR mode during gameplay at any time for seamless play.

Title: Blokin
Genre: Puzzle, Indie, Casual
Developer: Fluffy Menace Games
Publisher: Fluffy Menace Games
Release Date: 16 April, 2018

Blokin in the Appstore

Fluffy Menace Games on Twitter


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