First of all, thank you for visiting our Kickstarter page. We would love for our project to be funded and create an awesome unique experience.

The Game

Over the last two years, many popular online virtual worlds have either closed or rebranded in a big way causing disappointment to many of their players and leaving them with no similar gameplay experience.

Our idea is to create a familiar, yet highly unique virtual world experience.

Bearation will have a classic virtual world gameplay style, but using new generation software to provide the best content possible.

On Bearation, players can customise how their bear looks, play mini-games to earn coins ( Bearations in-game currency ), socialise and add friends and depending on how much funding we raise, customising your own home will be implemented into the initial development.

We also plan on releasing weekly updates ranging from small content updates such as a mini-event or a clothing catalog update to a major update such as main-events where the whole game is transformed.

What are these events you may be asking? An event on Bearation is full of new themed content, filled with storyline and new gameplay features. A small event will take place in a minority of rooms, whereas a major event will decorate all of the rooms on the island related to the theme of the event. An event will also have its own storyline and often, a new quest or mini-game.

Rooms in Bearation are where you can meet new players, add friends and even play mini-games. Each room will offer a unique experience and contain its own activity, providing a purpose to each room. Below is the concept artwork for one of the main rooms on Bearation ( Note: The graphics will be highly improved on the gameplay version. Image shown is only concept artwork ).

Socializing with other players is created through our moderated and filtered chat feature. Players can type in their message in the chat box, which once sent is then displayed to all players in that room. We have some great future plans for socializing and interacting that we look forward to sharing with our players. For the team at Bearation, interacting and communicating with our players will be done in-game and on our website blog.

Coins is Bearation’s in-game currency, they can be earned by playing mini-games or completing a quest. Coins can not be purchased using a real-World currency once launched.

Coins can be used for buying a variety of different items in Bearation. One of the main uses for coins is buying clothes which can be purchased in the Shopping Center room. There are a variety of different clothing items that can be bought in Bearation such as hats, glasses, hoodies, shirts and even full costumes. The clothing catalog is updated with new items regularly on Bearation.

Mini-games are an awesome way to earn coins in Bearation. We will have a variety of multiplayer and single player mini-games, one of which is bowling. The bowling mini-game is a multiplayer game that will be featured in the Amusement Arcade room in Bearation – the main room which contains a variety of mini-games.

The only in-game purchases Bearation will offer are memberships which will allow that player to access all gameplay content.

We think memberships are the best form of purchasable content, a fixed monthly subscription cost to access all gameplay content. By offering memberships we can assure that there are no hidden extra cost(f).

Whilst there is still a variety of content that non-members can access, a membership allows a player to access everything. The cost for a membership is yet to be confirmed.

We will be working with a highly talented company to create the game that have years of experience in the game development industry. We feel they will be the best company to work with that can help us in providing the best gameplay possible.

We also plan to work with bullying and mental health awareness groups to create the safest and funnest experience possible.

For the initial development ( which could be subject to change depending on how much we raise ) we plan on releasing the game for PC and Mac via a download from our website. If we exceed beyond our goal, it will help us to develop Bearation on IOS and Android devices for the initial release.

The initial development will also consist of the main game being developed with core gameplay assets such as interaction ( socialising and adding other players as friends ), customisation to your avatar and regular updates. Memberships will be purchasable from when we publicly release Bearation.

Another gameplay feature we plan to release as part of our initial development is home customisation. Each player will have their own home on Bearation, members will be able to buy more of a variety of furniture and decor, with non-members still being able to access certain content. Players can visit each other’s homes and share their creativity with others.

The story

Bearation is the island that the game is set upon. Over the course of decades, bears have formed a habitable island where anyone is welcome.

Storylines on Bearation are shown throughout a variety of different gameplay content, mainly through monthly events that will each have their own themed storyline.

These storylines and monthly events will mainly be inspired by what our players want to see in the game.

We will also be introducing characters on Bearation that add to the level of creativity we will have when designing a new event. We also have some great ideas on how you will be able to interact with these characters in-game.

We can’t wait to share some of the stories that we are creating with our players once Bearation is released.


We have so many future plans for Bearation such as new rooms, new characters, new ways to socialise with your friends and even pets!

We’re also planning to bring Bearation to life on a variety of different platforms in the future which will enhance the gameplay experience even further.

One of the most interesting future ideas we have are pets that are purchasable in-game using coins. Bearation will provide a unique pet-caring experience that we think our players will love. Unfortunately, we can’t delve into too much detail about pets at this stage, but we can promise it will be a truly fantastic gameplay experience.

Another future idea we have is in-game jobs for our players with unique daily tasks which will depend on which job a player selects – A unique idea for players to earn coins from. These daily job tasks will take place across a variety of rooms on Bearation.

Social interaction with other players is something we plan to explore in a major way after we release, with new social features that we feel will enhance the Bearation experience for our players.

Bearation has a great future ahead and we can’t wait to share what we have planned.



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