Archaeology X is an open world Archaeology exploration game where you dig for treasures, relics. Use your notebook and research to discover ancient items hidden for 1000’s of years, also explore long lost caves or tombs. Finding relics / treasures will be challenging, just like with real life archaeology, carefully study and decipher location clues from the research in your notebook to estimate dig sites.

Key Features:

Enter an living open world (over or underground), exploring. Looking for and digging out the remnants of ancient civilisations, in relaxing environment.
With patience and perseverance will bring success, just like real Archaeology exploration.

  • Includes help and quick guide section to get you started.
  • Play the role of an archaeologist, treasure hunter and adventurer.
  • Realistic digging mechanics, archaeology, into different types of earth and rock to dig through.
  • Mark your dig sites with tape in case you want to come back later, to remember your last dig area.
  • Use torches when exploring underground areas/tombs,
  • Travel with vehicles or animals, or swim (mind animals like crocs though). Watch out for dangerous animals or thieves that could hurt you, steal your loot.
  • Use your research from your notebook to discover clues where to dig (relics/treasures might not always be in the place you expect! Won’t be easy to find them), e.g. decipher hieroglyphs, or try to match possible locations from sketches/maps.
  • Scavenge food and water to survive, sell or buy food with money you make.
  • Visit shops to buy/sell food/treasures in other towns, or go to the museum to display your treasures found (bear in mind these may not be located close by, meaning travelling and discovering).

Be brave, go out at night or get some sleep in your tent.
Meet other local people in game, chat to them for clues, locate a radio station to send messages via radio/telegraph to your home about new discoveries made. Be careful with digging, you might break the fragile relics. As you dig if you discover something of interest you can zoom in and dig close up and carefully not to risk breaking the relic. If walking is too far then use other forms of transport available to go to other areas faster, such as cars, horses or camels.

Title: ArchaeologyX
Genre: Adventure, Indie, Simulation
Developer: khos85
Publisher: khos85
Release Date: 26 Nov, 2018

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