A Discord server that connects game developers and content creators

CFN Gaming is a Discord server dedicated to Indie gaming. This might sound similar to PlayingIndies, however there are differences.

CFN has a focus on bringing YouTubers, Streamers (Twitch, Mixer etc.) together with Indie game developers.

Why does it exist?

In bringing content creators together with developers, CFN strive to assist both parties. The content creators will have their input heard, as well as new content for their channels. The developers will have instant feedback on their current titles as well as exposure for newly released titles. Put simply the CFN Discord is a mutually beneficial server for Content Creators and Developers alike.

As well as Developers being able to market and gain feedback for their creations, CFN also allows talented people to come together and collaborate. This could be anything from forming new teams and studios, to hiring a freelancer for the missing piece of the next gaming opus.

The collaborations aren’t Developer exclusive though, with plenty of Content Creators eager to team up for some multiplayer fun.

In addition to these things, CFN also runs intermittent Game Jams, in which experienced, or inexperienced Developers come together to create something new in a short period of time. This is a perfect way to get outside your comfort zone and maybe even find a hidden talent you never knew about.

CFN has a full team of active mods. Multiple rooms for general or specific discussion. And social areas to make friends and network.

If CFN Gaming sounds like something that interests you, swing by and have a look.

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