Nodeshifter is a modern, roguelike arcade game that pits you against an invading horde of Kryptorians in the single most deadly offensive launched against the forces of humankind — through the computer! So get your power gloves out because you’ve been approved to pilot a state-of-the-art Nodeshifter digital vessel. Each Nodeshifter comes fully equipped with […]


Moonshades is a dungeon crawler role playing adventure game, to restore the immersive atmosphere and experience of the old-school RPG’s. Recall the fun of the genuine RPG games inspired by D&D – embedded in 3D surroundings with a deep, captivating story. Discover an enigmatic realm loaded with ancient magic and myths – grand legends are […]


Ironlights is a VR dueling game with skillful, fluid melee combat. Parry, block, and strike down your opponents using a variety of physics-based weapons. Test your skills in multiplayer battles, or fight to the top of the league in the huge single-player campaign! SKILLFUL SWORDPLAYIronlights features dynamic back-and-forth swordplay thanks to a unique melee combat […]

Hinterhalt 3

Currently featuring a total of 20 different maps based on 5 settings (boy’s -, girl’s -, store-, office-, and bathroom) with contrasting battlefield sizes varying from small narrow maps to large open areas. Game Modes: A core aspect of the game are its four distinct playable game modes, including an auto battle bonus mini-game and […]

Royal Alchemist

Story The King was murdered.The assassins have not been found. And the threat of rebellion hangs over the land. With the succession thrown open and none of the three Royal Princes ready to take the throne, the King’s brother has assumed the Regency. Hoping to protect the nation and its people and help the rightful […]


About eTableCon With the Corona Virus causing thousands of conventions to shut down, and many people are left trying to get refunds, on top of developers losing a lot of funds due to purchasing of large quantities for the conventions that have been shut down. eTC is one of the few online conventions, and it’s […]

Fallen Knight

Fallen Knight is an neo-classic side scrolling action platformer game. The story is set in the far future and introduces an intense sword fighting gameplay with punishing boss battles. Players will take on the role of an elite knight, titled Lancelot (50th), one of the knights of the Round Table. He has to save his city from the terrorist organization called ‘THE PURGE’, that intends to “reveal the truth” under the city… the truth that Knights of the Round Table swear to protect with their lives.

The best of #MadeWithUnity August 23, 2019

A very popular Twitter hashtag for game developers that use Unity is #MadeWithUnity. There are alternatives like #Unity2D for 2D games and #Unity3D for 3D games. But, this article only shows #MadeWithUnity. Projct AETHER: First contact This twin-stick shooter was also mentioned in my “Best of #IndieGame” i posted earlier this week. But this video […]