Striped Swipers: When booty calls

Following their latest museum heist, the trio of burglars known as the Striped Swipers have unknowingly awakened the ghost of famed pirate captain Downbeard. This begins a humorous adventure in […]

Negative World

Negative World is a 2D puzzle platformer where the main characters jumps are limited. You will play as “The Wanderer” on a journey see what’s above the stratosphere. The limited […]


In Airships: Conquer the Skies you’ll need to use all of your creativity and skill to design and build fearsome airships and land vehicles to give you the edge in […]

Skeletal Dance Party

Cast spells, solve puzzles, and bring your enemies back from the dead as you dance towards the noblest goal any necromancer has ever had: PARTYING! ‘Skeletal Dance Party’ resurrects the charming […]

DOLMEN - Stars are bleeding

Cosmic Horror and Sci-Fi are two genres that may come to mind when talking about DOLMEN. This third-person Action-RPG has a heavily Lovecraftian-influenced plot that calls players to find some […]

Solbot Energy Rush

(‘Freakout Games’) have released one of our mobile game ‘Solbot Energy Rush’ on 14th July to Android and iOS stores. It’s a casual game where you control a flying Robot and collect […]


SHORT DESCRIPTION: AstroViking is a wave-based survival shoot em’ up! Play as a superpowered female viking fending off endless hordes of aliens! Combine 60+ upgrades from a gigantic skill tree […]


Paul is a VR narrative experience where players try to figure out their identity through exploring surroundings and events in a post-apocalyptic and often changing environment.


WELCOME TO DUSTWIND, A POST-APOCALYPTIC REAL-TIME TACTICS GAME! The world has come to an end. Anyone still alive must fight other survivors. The time has come for you and your […]


This is a colorful 2D action game with RPG elements about snowy competition for the best snowick’s place in the snowball play. The Snowy Valley is a distant fairytale place […]