Indie games

Head Goal: Soccer Online

Unbelievably fast soccer and volleyball game. Challenge your friends and prove them who is the best. Do you prefer soccer or volleyball, or maybe both? It’s your chance to play […]


First of all, thank you for visiting our Kickstarter page. We would love for our project to be funded and create an awesome unique experience.


  Welcome to 431 BC We are happy to introduce Lisistrata, an unforgiving and unconventional RPG-Visual Novel hybrid that elevates the importance of Tactics, Choices, Character Progression and Resource Management.

Hovership Havoc

A sci fi top down shooter with RPG and roguelike elements. Take control of a hovership and blast your way through randomly generated rooms filled with 15+ different types of […]

Aura of Worlds

Aura of worlds is a creative tactics rogue-lite platformer. Explore multiple worlds where you must utilise your creative abilities and wits to twist adversity to your advantage. Finding your way […]

The Blobs Fight

The Blobs Fight is a silly, over-the-top arena party game about creatures of blob like nature, fighting each other to the blash! (Blob for death). Run around as a blob […]